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Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions
Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions


This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”  — Click and read, click and join in! Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “some/sum.” Use either or both words, or choose a word in which either are used as a prefix or suffix. Have an awesome time with it!



We are all, in some ways, the sum of all our experiences. They shape who we become, how we live, the choices we make. Whether we rebel against what we see while growing up or embrace it, those things form us. My husband and I had radically different childhoods, yet somehow we found each other. Despite these differences, at our cores we were meant for each other.

It is possible to add together any two numbers, and each combination creates a new sum. Just because the numbers are very different doesn’t mean they can’t be added together. It’s like mixing paint, too. Some  combinations of colors create a new color that is pleasing, while others do not. The two colors of paint that we mixed became a beautiful new color, despite the fact that some  people wouldn’t have thought it would be a good combination at first glance.

This weekend we are spending time in the midst of his memories, in the town where he grew up. It’s really the first time I’ve done this with him in our nearly 23 years. It’s a strange feeling for him as not all of his memories here are wonderful. It’s a strange feeling for me to hear him relate these memories and to realize that back in those days, the two of us would never have been friends at all!

But here in this place, which is so beautiful that the whole area is named after the tops of the mountains it contains, I can appreciate all the steps we both took to arrive at the place where we could meet and become us,  the sum of him and me.





20 thoughts on “SoCS — Summit

  1. I like your analogy to two numbers combining. My wife and I are two very different numbers also. But we have produced a lasting and loving relationship. Somehow or another, it all adds up.

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  2. Terrific writing and use of the prompt, Kelli. This read with a voice of authority, compassion, wonder, and understanding. It is a different experience to hear the memories in their original setting – I daresay many of us have troubled as well as good memories.

    I don’t recognize those particular peaks, but it is a gorgeous summer photo.

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  3. Such a very beautiful post.
    Glad you and your husband found each other.
    I am bad at math, but I do appreciate the use of both forms of the word for this week’s prompt and I do love the idea of mixing two colours to make a new and more special shade.

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  4. It’s true that our experiences make us who we are – when we come together as people of different experiences I think our strengths–the ones that were formed when we were younger–become the perfect factor in making a relationship work. Our strengths and weaknesses counterbalance each other’s. Great post, Kelli! 🙂


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