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Missing Graphic Symbol Monday – Fifth

The Mad Grad Student has sent forth the call. Click here...

The Mad Grad Student has sent forth the call. Click here…



Song to a Stray Symbol



First of all…Nothing to drink this morning!

You took that away too.

But although you took flight for today,

I will not cry out for my dad’s boy sibling thanks to your vacancy.

No. You cannot win this way. Tomorrow, I will own you again;

At first light I will drink that luscious cappucino which I was wanting this dawn,

What with your voluntary vacation this dismal Monday!

Alas tomorrow, I will own you again.

Tomorrow, O fifth graphic symbol, you will show up again at your post,

At hand for all words, big and small, and you shall

Follow again my mind’s inclination to murmur its thoughts.

For truthfully I am not of Oulipo, and I miss you.


–thinking of you with all my admiration during your hiatus, 

Turbofan aircraft girl



10 Responses to “Missing Graphic Symbol Monday – Fifth”

  1. Le Génie

    Hélas, trois fois hélas que mon anglais soit moribond…
    Tu vas le traduire ?
    Car malgré ma faiblesse, il me semble intéressant !



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