La vie est belle !

Award-free Blog

Just briefly, I want to say that I really appreciate the lovely readers who have thought enough of my humble space to nominate it for an award, but I find that the conditions of passing on these awards are often just too much for me. I prefer to honor my readers and fellow bloggers by writing about them and sharing links to their sites.

What I would ask is that in lieu of blogging awards, a simple “like”, or even better, a comment, is the greatest reward you can give me. And since I like to place links to blogs that I appreciate in my posts, I would ask that you take the time, if possible, to click on these so you may see other blogs that I appreciate…it’s my way of “nominating” others…I want to share the sites of all the amazing bloggers that I find 🙂

Merci mille fois, mes chers lecteurs!!


8 Responses to “Award-free Blog”

  1. alexischiuling

    Ahh… I nominated you for something but that was before I stumbled across this. It’s alright then, I do see where you’re coming from about all these awards. Haha. Do know that I like your blog!



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