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Just Jot it January 8 – “First world problems”

le 8 janvier, 2017


So, today the JusJoJan prompt is “mongrel” but as I don’t have any dogs, I’m having a hard time with this one.  So I’m taking my “wild card” as outlined in the JusJoJan “rulebook” and just jotting something else.

Today was fraught with those annoying little things that you “have to do” but if we want to be honest about, they are things that we are “privileged” to be able to do. First of all, we had an “incident” with the garbage disposal last night in the form of a tiny glass “pinch bowl” that I had used during my baguette-making experiment. It was a tiny bowl that holds only a couple teaspoons of something (in this case salt for the dough).  It went down the drain and I didn’t notice it missing until my husband ran the disposal after supper last night (he’s a sweetie and does the dishes for me!)  So there was this horrible sound, after which the disposal seized and quit working. We discovered the problem quickly enough, and he put on a cut-resistant glove and fished out several pieces of glass about the size of peas. There was no “big” piece left of the bowl. So he got out a wrench and manually turned the thing from underneath until he got it “unstuck” and after that we just…ran it, and I guess the glass got…processed? Anyway the disposal seemed to be working fine except for now there is a tiny leak. So this means we get the fun of buying and installing a new disposal tomorrow or something. Grrr.


Anyway, the other “problem” we had was that someone in my household bought a new television because it was 1) on sale and 2) ours is “tiny.” And it’s not “4K” either. Anyway, we had to build a frame to mount this thing on because when we bought our house, it was very “in” for builders to make a “TV hole” in the living room. At the time the house was built, TV’s were less “High-Definition” and, well, smaller. So a new TV “worth having” doesn’t fit inside the “TV hole.”  Long story short, there were 2×4’s and a drill involved, and now there is a giant TV hovering on the exterior of the “TV hole.” It looks a bit odd to me yet, and I have to say, I was feeling a bit creeped out by the Almost-3-D appearance of Sherlock Holmes in my living room. It’s almost TOO real, in fact. But obviously, the picture is great. And we got a great deal on it…


But maybe more important than any of that was the fact that while we were at the home goods store buying 2×4’s, I found these:



Now THIS is truly fantastic! All my life (or at least since I have been cleaning my own toilets), I have had anger issues with toilet bolt covers. You get a rag within a hundred miles of one and it hops off the toilet bolt and goes skittering across the floor, usually ending up in the trash or in the pile of dust and hair you just swept up off the floor. It’s annoying and then it’s gross to have to clean it individually, and then it attracts all the dust you just got on the rag from the floor as well.  They just anger me. It’s serious enough that I have actually tried to super-glue them on to the toilet bolts. Fortunately and unfortunately, this did not work. Toilet bolts repel all kinds of glues and epoxies and putties. Yes, I know from experience. The toilet bolt covers come off anyway! So today, I found this little gems which actually screw onto the toilet bolts!!  Where have these been all my life?  For less than $3 per toilet, I have saved myself years of future stress and the temptation to say un-ladylike words to inanimate objects.  And that, I have to admit, it truly a “first-world” problem!



Just Jot It January” – The spectacular-anyone-can-join-fantabulous-month-of-blogging  created by the Super Hero Linda G Hill! If you click on the link above or the picture at the bottom of the post, you’ll find the proper link to learn all the rules !


The Just Jot It January 8th prompt, brought to you by Geoff of TanGentle is: “Mongrel.” Use it any way you like. Make sure you stop by Geoff’s website and say hello to him!. Here’s the link:




3 Responses to “Just Jot it January 8 – “First world problems””

  1. darsword

    Very interesting! I think I will have to go find those toilet bolt covers. They are a silly problem I guess we should be happy to have.


  2. Dan Antion

    What a great little gizzmo that is. I might have to look for them the next time I’m shopping one of those stores – Thanks for the tip and for participating in JusJoJan

    Liked by 1 person


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