#JusJoJan — Clumsy

Que je suis maladroite, j’ai encore cassé un verre ! (I am so clumsy; I’ve broken another glass!) I have a horrible habit of trying to carry too much stuff at one time. I don’t know why I have this aversion to making multiple trips up and down the stairs. After all, I am always trying to get more steps on my fitbit? But yet, when it comes to putting things away or gathering things for one reason or another, or taking things out to the car, or the trash can, or the recycling bin, I have this idea that it must all be done in one trip. And that is why there are a couple of dots on my ceiling that I suspect might be soda. It is also why my chiropractor loves me so much.


Here’s the thing: socks and carpeted stairs are a bad combination. Add this to my habit of carrying too many things at once, and you have a broken glass, soda on the ceiling, and a bunch of papers scattered everywhere, and me, sitting on my butt at the bottom of the two stairs leading into my dining room, with soda-soaked hair. I might also have said a word that is not very ladylike or elegant. No, it didn’t happen recently, but it did happen. I saw Linda’s prompt, and I also noticed recently that there were indeed a couple of suspicious dots on the ceiling. This reminded me of this little event.


I’ve actually slipped on various stairs many times in my house because of the sock-carpet problem, and it really does hurt and warrant chiropractic care. Honestly, I guess I shouldn’t be running up and down the stairs. I am inherently “maladroite.”  I have always been this way — I’m not sure if it has anything to do with my childhood shyness and inability to do sports due to my asthma, but in any case it is just a fact.  Strangely, my hands are not terribly clumsy by themselves. After all, I can play flute and piano, and I can knit. I think those things require a certain level of agility. However, in college I had a horrible time in percussion class. my left hand just couldn’t manage to make even “paradiddles.”  I don’t know why not, but there you go. The percussion prof actually laughed at me in class. How humiliating. I wonder if it is possible to train inherently clumsy digits? Is it a matter of strength? Hmmm. I don’t know, but I am not inclined to spend any more time in my life trying to “paradiddle.”


Well, mes chers lecteurs, this is the last JusJoJan prompt for 2016, and I am proud to say that I responded to all 31 prompts, even if there were a couple of days that I had to double up on because I took a weekend off. It is a good beginning to the 2016 blogging year, and I have already committed myself to the “A to Z April Challenge” which was created by Arlee Bird at Tossing it Out. The sign-up list is HERE.  So if you have a blog and are looking for a fun challenge, click on it and sign up! There are thousands of bloggers participating, and every year (this will be my third time) I am amazed at the connections I make there, and the wonderful bloggers I find.


Merci mille fois, Linda ! You are a constant inspiration to so many!

This post is for Linda G Hill’s #JusJoJan

Careful not to trip over this link...just click on it for the rules!
Careful not to trip over this link…just click on it for the rules!

15 thoughts on “#JusJoJan — Clumsy

  1. I admire you immensely for having managed all 31! bravo! my January would have been even more out of kilter with tons of guilt on skipping most posts! When you need to say something not ladylike, just say “merde” demurely, and believe it or not, it can sound quite ladylike 🙂

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  2. Well, I managed all 31 days, so I’m signing up to the A – Z challenge too.
    Not sure I understand much more than “post every day with a letter of the alphabet”, but I’ve never been one to follow themes anyway, so I’ll just do my own thing and see what happens.
    Thanks for posting the link.

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  3. So happy to hear that your sock-carpet mishaps have not ended in anything more serious than a broken glass and a sore arse. My mother broke her leg from falling down our carpeted stairs in socks. I am terrified of downward stairs period. *shudders* Congrats on making through all 31 days! The snow storm prevented me from scoring the big 31 *sighs*

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    1. Yikes! sorry to hear that! I hope she recovered without any lasting effects! My husband bought me some “grippy” socks for Christmas that year. Sadly, they have worn out and I haven’t gotten any new ones. Better just to walk down stairs, and not try to run down them with arms full! 🙂 I kind of “cheated” because I did two prompts in one day a few times!

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      1. It was a serious break, straight down the center of her leg from mid-thigh to calf. She had pins put in, but was never able to walk well after that. Sadly she has passed on beyond the veil now. I hope you get some new socks soon! And I am sure Linda didn’t mind the doubling up of prompts 🙂 Many bloggers do that these days. Cheers to you!


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