#JusJoJan – L’an 2016, ce sera une bonne année ?

First of all, I want to say “Félicitations” to Linda, the creator of these wonderful prompts which inspire so many, on the occasion of her blog anniversary! I can’t believe that JusJoJan is nearly over. This is the next to the last one! And I think I really did them all, even if some were a smidge late.  So, is 2016 shaping up to be a good year? I have to say yes.


Even though the world is full of terrorists and crazy people and my country has questionable Presidential candidates, I am going to say yes. Looking back on the first month, is it exactly what I wanted from 2016? Well, no, not exactly. I had some things I wanted to get done which I didn’t do. But I still have tomorrow! And if I don’t have a sparkling-clean house completely freed of all extra “stuff” by tomorrow? It’s going to be ok. If I haven’t managed my time the way I should have done and those extra ten pounds are still clinging to my hips? It’s still going to be ok. I have exciting plans for 2016. I accept that many if not most of them will not pan out the way I think they will, but I am having fun making these plans. And borrowing from yesterday’s JusJoJan word, I think that serendipity may grace 2016. Why not? On ne sait jamais. 


I mentioned “an/année” back at the beginning of the month My prof gave us a list of nice vocabulary and ways to express one’s best wishes for the new year, and one of them was really nice, and it uses both words.  I love that there are such lovely subtleties in the French language. I’m forever trying to understand them, but it’s totally worth it. I found the text for it here at this site (click) after doing a quick search.

Dans une année, chaque moment compte…
Alors je vous souhaite :
– 1 an d’Allégresse
– 12 mois de Plaisir
– 52 semaines de Bien-être
– 366 jours de Chance
– 8 784 heures de Succès
– 527 040 minutes d’Amour
– pour un total de 31 602 400 secondes de bonheur !
Excellente année !
Read more by clicking here




This post is for Linda G Hill’s #JusJoJan and for her #SoCS.


ANd...yeah, just click here for the rules.
ANd…yeah, just click here for the rules.

12 thoughts on “#JusJoJan – L’an 2016, ce sera une bonne année ?

  1. I agree Kelli, if its not done today there is always tomorrow and how important is it anyway to be a little longer in completion…..as a friend of mine used to say when you try something and you don’t do so well the first time, it doesn’t matter because the sun will still come up tomorrow and there is the chance to have another go…..

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  2. Ok. I think I was able to translate without using Google translate at least part of it. Can you tell me where I missed words or interpretation. In the New Year make each moment count, I wish you all to have, a year of _____, 12 months of pleaure, 52 good/best weeks, 366 lucky days or good fortune, 8784 hours of success, 527,040 minutes of love, 31,602,400 seconds of good times?, a Great Year! Et vous aussi!

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    1. Très bien, Deborah! And thank you! A year of “allégresse” = joy/enthusiasm. “Bien-être” = well-being/peace of mind. And “bonheur” = happiness. (I *adore* the word “bonheur” 🙂 )


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