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#JusJoJan — What? SoCS?

What happens to time? I am sitting down here at the computer after what seems to have been a Saturday, but somehow it is 10pm and I don’t know how that happened. I had a couple of appointments today, I went to Costco, I cooked a pretty darn good ribeye steak, watched “Labyrinth” (RIP David Bowie) and now it is 10pm. It doesn’t seem to me that those few things should have taken all day. And then, what happened to all the time in between those things? I had a list of other stuff that I wanted to do today, including writing on this blog. I need to get my blogging act together. I don’t want to be rushed and haphazard. It’s a new year! I have all these intentions (I refuse to say “resolutions).  I want to have a spotlessly de-cluttered “hobby room.”  I want to organize all of my A to Z posts before April actually arrives. I want to visit and comment on more blogs more often, especially those of my most loyal readers! (Un grand merci, mes chers lecteurs!)  I want to start filling in my “September Tourist” page with all the cool stuff I’ve seen in 2015. I want to… well, that was SoC…certainly all that stuff isn’t going to happen on this one little ol’ Saturday! It’s a work in progress. Like everything. I’ll get there someday. Hopefully in 2016. I often wonder what it will feel like “someday” when I finally “get there.”  “Getting there” sounds so relaxing and stress-free. If I were “there” just think of all the things I could do…oh, but wait. That would create another desire to “get somewhere” else. Grrrf. Some people say that life is about the journey, but I don’t think those people spend as much time in airports as I do. ;-P


In any case, right now I am only talking about today. I don’t know what happened to today. Despite my failure to do everything I imagined might fit into the space of wakeful consciousness today, it has been a nice Saturday. I could do far worse than to finish off the day by Writing.  🙂


This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday and also part of #JusJoJan — Click and read, click and join in! Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “what.”  Start your post with the word “What.” Bonus points if the final word of your post starts with a “w.”  Have fun!





What is this for? Click and find out! (hint: it's the rules :-) )

What is this for? Click and find out! (hint: it’s the rules 🙂 )



7 Responses to “#JusJoJan — What? SoCS?”

  1. Lori Carlson

    My day flew by as well and I too was late posting tonight. I have no idea where the time goes. It gets sucked away from me most days though. Good luck with all of your intentions. You can do it! Well, once you’ve reigned in time 😉

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  2. dalecooper57

    I’m sure the weekends have a special time scale all of their own, I had to do Stream of Consciousness Sunday again, Saturday just rushed past without me getting anything written at all.

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