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#JusJoJan — Leadership

Leading and following…never one without the other, you know.  Every leader needs followers, and every follower needs a leader. When I think of leaders, I think of people who have the gift of inspiring others to do their best. I think of who I want to follow. The captain who has a good attitude even when everything is going wrong. The teacher who makes me want to study beyond the lessons. The conductor whose passion for the music is evident the second he picks up the baton.


I thought about the word “follower” for an instant and realized that here on WP we say that we “follow” a blog. Does that mean that the blogs we follow are “Leaders” ? Maybe, but I think mostly they “lead” us to read new and different voices. I have WP “followers” but I really don’t think I am a “leader.”  I think we all have leadership thrust upon us from time to time. Some people thrive in those positions and others bear them as a burden. I myself do not seek out those opportunities. I am happy to follow. Not that followers don’t have great ideas or do great things, I think they do. But I also think it takes a great leader to see that!


In any case, I think that as for myself, I love being a follower. It has its own artistry, you know. Et vous, chers lecteurs?  Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower? Do you prefer one role over the other? Why? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



clicking here will lead you to the rules.

clicking here will lead you to the rules.

2 Responses to “#JusJoJan — Leadership”

  1. Bea dM

    I’d rather think in terms of walking my own path haha! but if I have to choose, I like to stay low profile (so more of a follower?) except in my teacher/trainer persona. In which case the ideal is indeed to “make students study beyond the lessons” … which is a tough and frustrating assignment with most “adult” students who claim they’re time-strapped!

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