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Just Jot it January 17 – The Sunny Side of Life

le 17 janvier, 2017

Wow, look at me doing my “Jot” before 10pm! Whoohoo!

I wish it was easy to stop complaining, but it’s not. Especially when people around you are being negative or complaining, it is soooo easy to get “sucked in.”  I really hope to do a bit better from now on. There are a lot of people who love to use Face Book and other social media to complain about politics (a hot topic in the US right now) or other things in their lives, but I want to try to get away from that. I have started blocking any political memes or articles created to inspire ire and rancor. If any of my FB friends re-post or share these, I have just been telling FB that I don’t want to unfriend them, but I don’t wish to see those kinds of posts anymore. It’s easy, and it seems to be working.

I’ve been fortunate to have found a great FB group grâce au prof  d’internet “Français avec Pierre.”  J’ai trouvé ses “Packs” sur son site, et je les ai trouvé très utiles pour préparer l’examen DELF.   I highly recommend these e-books BTW…I have the best prof ever right here in my own town, but Prof Pierre’s pack had a great set of sample exams and “practical” advise about the DELF test, and my prof and I used them in my private lessons! When you buy one of his packs (which consists of a e-book and some audio recordings or videos) you get invited to the FB group. It’s a really awesome group of people who really care about learning the French language, and I find my FB activity focusing more and more on this group!  Prof Pierre also has an outstanding YouTube channel, here: <click>  I guarantee you’ll watch more than one.

I care less and less about my own “home” page, where many people are still insisting on posting negative posts or material made to inspire hatred and fear. I love many of these people in fact, but frankly, I would rather hear about their real lives, or see pictures from their birthday parties. Or if they just wanted to post cat pictures, that would be alright too. But enough of the “Nasty News” as I have started to call it. It’s just complaints at best or hate-mongering at worst.

I mentioned her already, but my friend who just passed away was  a real champion at not complaining. She loved to post positive things on social media, even as she got more and more sick. She found her blessings in every part of her life, and only rarely voiced the pain and struggle that I know she faced on a daily basis. I know that during her struggle with cancer, her “good” days were worse that most people’s “worst” days.  I want to try to think of her attitude when I feel compelled to complain about some trivial matter. Because frankly, most of the things I have to complain about are indeed trivial.


Just Jot It January” – The spectacular-anyone-can-join-fantabulous-month-of-blogging  created by the Super Hero Linda G Hill! If you click on the link above or the picture at the bottom of the post, you’ll find the proper link to learn all the rules !


The Just Jot It January 17th prompt, brought to you by  Willow, blogging at Willowdot21 is: “Complaint.” Use it any way you’re inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to Willow as well! Here’s her blog:




3 Responses to “Just Jot it January 17 – The Sunny Side of Life”

  1. John Holton

    Sorry about your friend.

    I don’t bother much with Facebook anymore, for precisely the reasons you stated. Although there are a couple of nostagia groups I really enjoy.

    I subsacribed to Pierre’s group. How much I learn is some question, because he only speaks French, evidently…



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