#JusJoJan — Mendaciloquent

Mendaciloquent. What a word!  In fact, WP doesn’t think it is a word. (It has been flagged by spell check with “no guesses found.”) I looked it up (like a bunch of people, I think!) and found that it meant, “Able to tell artful or skilled lies.”  Of course, since it is election campaign season, all I can think of when I hear that is “politicians.”  I read a bit here and there, but as the year goes on, I inevitably avoid all news and ads that I possibly can. I know they are “artfully and skillfully” lying to us, and I don’t like that! I know that they all have their agendas, which involve primarily one thing: getting power for themselves. To what end, I honestly have no idea.  I have a hard time believing that any of them, right or left, honestly have the well-being of the average US citizen at heart. I remember an old movie with Jim Carrey where he was a lawyer and had a spell or something put on him where he could only say the truth. I wish we could do that to anyone running for office for the entirety of the campaigning season. I wonder what we’d learn? My Dad once said this: “Politicians are a sorry lot, the whole bunch of them.”  I think if we could “truth serum” all of the candidates, we might find that my Dad was correct. Isn’t it sad that these days we have to try to choose the “least awful” when we cast our vote instead of “the best for the job?”

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