JusJoJan – 1/5/2020

Looks like I skipped a few days of publishing! Doh! Well, thankfully, today’s JusJoJan prompt is ”INTENTION“, brought to us by Faye at Faye’s Mystical Musings.

I have great intentions to post each day of January, but already I have fallen prey to procrastination, which is a great monster that plagues me. Not that I haven’t been jotting though! I have been jotting. I’ve been setting up my new Bullet Journal for 2020, which is really only a few days behind. I like to do the decorative stuff in my journal, but I usually go back and do it a few days behind the actual daily logs, etc. Setting up a new year is a bit more work, transferring all the stuff for my future log, etc, and I do like a pretty theme. This year I’m using a lot of stencils, printables, and ideas from a creator in the UK called Oops A Daisy. (Click on that, she’s got so many lovely things!)

One “Jotting” thing that I have kept up with for a while now is the ubiquitous Bullet Journal, which is at its core a way to keep track of your intentions. It doesn’t have to be a work of art, although decorating it can be fun. Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram it’s become yet another thing to make people feel bad that they aren’t as clever as other people, but if you just use it as the original inventor used it, it’s quite a good tool for keeping track of life. Like I said, I enjoy decorating mine, but I don’t stress about making it Instagram-worthy. In fact, you may be seeing the first ever photo of my “BuJo” right here. And it’s not my artwork but rather a printable I bought from Oops A Daisy. I’m in the process of adding gold accents to it with my gel pen. Just because. And I intend to make some cool designs on some of the pages with those stencils and stickers I also got from her. I just do it because I like doing it, it isn’t strictly speaking necessary.

I have an uneasy relationship with procrastination, because sometimes I find interesting opportunities because of it. Sometimes, putting off doing something means that I find something better. Like not making a reservation at that one restaurant for dinner, but then stumbling across an even better one because I was scrambling at the last minute.

More often, procrastinating just means that I am stressed and scrambling at the last minute and end up either settling for something or doing a less than stellar job at whatever it was I was trying to do. Or maybe even wondering later how much better I could have done had I spent more time preparing.

Anyway, in this case, I’ve decided not to beat myself up too much. After all, the blogging should be a fun past time, not a chore. I’m trying to decide what I want “Forty, C’est Fantastique” to look like for the next eight months. At that time, I will have to change the name, and I would like it to have more of a theme…a “raison d’être” if you will. One idea I have is similar to Faye’s idea on her post today, with using random writing prompts and seeing what happens.

For JusJoJan, I will just play it by ear, and on verra !

Et vous, mes chers lecteurs? Do I have any fellow procrastinators out there?

This post is part of Linda Hill’s Just Jot It January. Click the picture to join in and read other “Jots” !

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