It’s Greek to me! – Jot #4

Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 4th is brought to you by Virgobeauty! Click here to find her last post and say hi while you’re there! Virgobeauty’s word for our prompt today is “enigmatic.” Use it anywhere in your post or make it the theme of your post. Have fun!

I feel like the most enigmatic thing about 2019 so far is 
Why I can't seem to be on time with posting any of these jots!

I have to say, “enigmatic” is not a word I use in everyday life, but it does have a certain mystery about it. It’s one of those sort of cryptic words that likes to remain obscure, if you know what I mean.

The word does, however, have an inexplicable appeal. It’s a bit perplexing, how such a word can hold such sphinxlike secrets. If used properly, there is a teasing quality to it, which invites closer investigation. Unfortunately, it always refers to something inscrutable, something that defies explanation. At worst, it can be ambiguous.

Ah well, perhaps I’m better off leaving it to its equivocal devices. This is a word for poets, a word that would happily dwell in their recondite garrets.

I think I’ll stick to the more common variety of words for my blog. And maybe emojis. Emojis are far less enigmatic.  😳

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s “Just Jot it January.” Please click here to learn the rules and how to participate in the fun!

So, what do you think? - Qu'en pensez-vous ?

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