Scrumptious- #JusJoJan 30

Today, Barry and I made two scrumptious things together.

Tomato hamburger buns ( recipe from Clotilde Dusoulier at Chocolate and Zucchini)


and Cinnamon Coffee Cake ( recipe from Genius Kitchen)

I love this coffee cake recipe so much that I have it memorized! I give quite a few of them away, because sometimes Barry gets a bit out of control and making coffee cakes is the only way to get him settled again.


Did I mention what sort of creature Barry is?

He’s actually a colony of yeast, formerly wild, that I caught and cultivated. We call this “Sourdough”; the French say “Levain.” He has a name now, so he is quite civilized. He lives in a Weck jar and is, as you can see above, a very generous soul.



Thank you so much for the prompts this month, Linda! You got me back to my blog!  I love prompts so I am on the hunt for some more. I love the JusJoJan community of folks— all the people surrounding and contributing to Linda’s prompts are Fantastique!

(Please click on the following link to find out about Linda G Hill and her wonderful prompt called “Just Jot It January“!) 








3 thoughts on “Scrumptious- #JusJoJan 30

  1. I was wondering if the buns were called Tomato Buns because they had tomato in them, or because they’re roughly the size and shape of tomatoes. I’m glad I have Chrome, which translated the page for me…

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