Read it in the tea leaves – #JusJoJan 25

Tasseography (also known as tasseomancy or tassology) is a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments.

“You’re going to suffer…but you’re going to be…happy about it.”

I don’t believe at all in tea leaves as a means of predicting the future, but stories and books about them (like Harry Potter!) are always fun! I think that predictions like this are a great literary device.  And I do like a good cup of tea.  I also love that the word “tasseography” comes from the French word for cup, “tasse”.   I love when I can recognize a word’s “French-ness.”

I’m going to do a quick and shameless plug here for just a moment. I don’t usually do this, chers lecteurs,  but tonight I have tea on the brain because I am doing a “virtual Tea Party” with my friend Ori on Facebook.  She is a flight attendant, new mom, and a consultant for a company called Steeped Tea, which sells loose-leaf teas, infusions, and all sorts of accompaniments at home parties. Since my work schedule is so odd, we decided to do one “catalog style” online at FB. It’s true I am addicted to coffee, but tea is delicious too, especially at night, and most especially with a book and a French butter cookie.

Anyway, here’s the link in case there are any tea-drinkers out there who’d like to give it a try. The party part (for me) is only for tonight and tomorrow, but you can contact Ori anytime you want to try some tea. Here’s the link (Tea Party)  I will replace that link with Ori’s Consultant page after tomorrow.

Now…I am going to put the kettle on, but I don’t expect to see the grim at the bottom of my cup!



(Please click on the following link to find out about Linda G Hill and her wonderful prompt called “Just Jot It January“!) 

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