Darkness – #JusJoJan 19

It was really nice outside today, but it is still winter. Still dark for longer in the mornings, and it still feels like the day is completely gone by 4pm. And yet, the darkness is not all bad. For some reason, I manage to do more blog writing, more French homework, more reading, at night when it is dark outside.

The morning darkness is reserved for making coffee, and for starting my bread dough, if it is a baking day. Nothing says “I am a real baker” like padding downstairs at 5:30am to put flour, levain, salt, and water together to begin its journey to becoming bread. I like doing that sort of work when it’s dark outside, then going back upstairs with a cup of coffee to read for a while before “getting up” for real.

Now if only I could manage to put my sweater on right side out in the darkness before I do that.

(If I’m going to my real job, the one that pays money, I prefer doing that around 7-ish, when I can honestly say that it’s morning! If only they gave me a choice on that one! haha 😉 )


(Please click on the following link to find out about Linda G Hill and her wonderful prompt called “Just Jot It January“!) 








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