Un-Decorating – #JusJoJan 5-6 / SoCS

Wow, so Saturday, (and therefore Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday) is almost over.  I’m really glad it is an SoCS day because that’s the sort of energy I have tonight. It isn’t that I don’t *want* to write…I do, but I also kind of want to snuggle into bed, read a few pages of something or another, and fall asleep.

I spent a little time Thursday un-dECOrating my house from Christmas. I still have quite a bit to put away, but I made a start on it at least.  I think this is why I get all bah-humbug before Christmas each year. Yes, I like the dECOrations. But “un-dECOrating” has to be one of my least favorite activities in the world.

Un-dECOrating is a little sad, because there are no longer any presents under the tree, and then you take all the stuff down, and the house looks plain again, and it’s still winter outside. In fact, the hardest part of winter usually comes after Christmas, so there you are with cold, dark, short days.  Dreary inside and out. Doesn’t it seem like there ought to be some sort of dECOrations meant to cheer up a place from Dec 26 until spring starts showing its head ?

Friday, I actually missed the JusJoJan about memories because I had an unforeseen long day at work.  I had a huge list of Things That Needed to Get Done when I got off work, but most of them never happened. Getting home at midnight tends to put a damper on that sort of activity. That is a bummer because “memories” was a really cool prompt. What I thought I’d do, then, is to ECOnomize my time a bit and add some memories into my SoCS.

The first thought that I had about memories was related to the latest Dr. Who Christmas special.  I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it and might want to, but in the episode, it is argued that a person is the sum of their memories, and therefore any intact collection of a person’s memories is, in effect, the person themselves.   After some thought, I don’t think that’s quite right.  Spiritual arguments aside, I think that maybe it’s not just a person’s memories that make them up.

First reason: at the end of his life, my dad lost just about all of his memories. Yet even in that state, there was a quintessential “him-ness” in him, something that transcended all those lost memories and declared his unique personality.

Second reason: I think that a static collection of memories could never be a person’s whole. The ability to make new memories is perhaps the key. Yes, reminiscing is sweet, and it can be fun, and those memories certainly play a role in who we are. In my opinion, however, it is something more precious to be able to learn, to change, and to make today a new memory for tomorrow.


Wow, so is that SoCS or what?


Alors, chers lecteurs,  any thoughts on that one?


(Please click on the following link to find out about Linda G Hill and her wonderful prompt called “Just Jot It January“!) 


…and, of course, it is also Stream of Consciousness Saturday!








6 thoughts on “Un-Decorating – #JusJoJan 5-6 / SoCS

  1. There’s always a downside to the post-Christmas period, that clearing away of all things Christmasy is a downer. Must be why some people leave their Christmas lights up all year. But the new Year stretches ahead and in my part of the world long hot days line up behind each other and we await the next cool change. I liked your post, so well done.

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  2. I think your “un-decorating” period is a good case for celebrations like the “Twelve Days of Christmas” and make-your-festivities… Why must we decorate to a calendar? Maybe the pagans or the Catholic “Saint’s Days” have something we can celebrate…

    There was an incredible full moon out this week.

    The wind was blowing, whipping up the dried oak leaves like hundreds of ochre flags in salute to last few months of the Roman Year…

    Maybe you can celebrate a “Got the things done that needed to be done” day. Be sure to wear a party hat and use noisemakers. Important things, like joy and celebrating life, deserve to be touted.

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