A to Z 2017 – Laissez-moi réfléchir… #atozchallenge

A to Cray-Z 2017– The Reflection Post

All about the month that I put up 26 blog posts themed on the streets of Paris that I visited during 9 days there.

Alors, mes chers lecteurs…have you done the A to Z challenge this year? Have you done it in previous years? What do you think of the new format after having participated this year? Will you do it again next year?  Tell me in the comments!

French adjective for this challenge: éparpillé  (scattered)

Toutes mes pensées étaient éparpillées pendant le défi A à Z 2017!

“A to Z” is for everywhere and nowhere

Rue : Toutes les rues

Arrondissement : l’internet

C’est où ? (where is this?)

Aha!  And therein lies the problem that I had with the challenge this year. The new format is both everywhere and nowhere. I think the bottom line is that I just don’t possess enough “social-media-savvy”  to do the challenge the way that it was set up this time. My visiting was very scattered (éparpillé!)  because there were so many “lists” out there: 1) the official A to Z blog, 2) The “A to Z” mirror site on WP, 3) The A to Z FaceBook page, 4) The A to Z Twitter Feed.  And then multiply each of those by 26 because there was essentially a different “list” on each one for each day of the challenge, since people put their links up at different times and in different orders. Some overlapped, some didn’t, and by the 3rd day, I had already given up trying to keep track of it. I don’t think I even linked the last couple of my own posts, I can’t exactly remember.

What was it like for me?

I tried to do as many posts in advance as I could and largely succeeded, except for the last week. This did not relieve me of having to do a 20-minute cut-and-paste session every night of the challenge, however, in order to link my posts to the A to Z facebook page and to the A to Z WP page. And after that, I set about sifting through the comments to see if there were a few blogs I wanted to visit.  Reading and scrolling through the comments was far more time consuming for me than the old “linky list” but times change, so one must try to adapt. Sometimes “adapting” means “letting things go” however, and the thing I “let go” this year was my systematic way of trying to visit A to Z blogs.

I decided to click on 3 or 4 random links per day, time permitting, and I clicked on a lot of blogs that just weren’t my cup of tea…I’m sure they were nice blogs, but some themes click with you and others don’t, that’s all. I did luck out and find some blogs I loved. If they were WP I “followed” them so I can go back to those. It was harder to keep a list of the blogger blogs, but I tried to add them to my reader and I kept a few in my “favorite” sites on my browser. That’s the best I could do, I’m afraid. I’ll be back to some of the random A to Z posting pages in the future as a sort of “road trip” like they used to do after the challenge, and then I can click on some more. (That’s at least 104 different posts to visit just to see all the different lists!)

So…I definitely did not visit the A to Z community like I visited Paris. I’m so sorry! I did not “set foot” in all the A to Z “arrondissements.”  In fact I think I went to Twitter exactly once, because I really don’t “get” Twitter…so if you did find me via Twitter, merci mille fois and please forgive me for not doing a proper “re-tweet” or whatever is socially polite in the Twitter-verse. I just don’t know the etiquette. My visiting was sporadic with the exception of the A to Z-ers who visited me regularly, bless their beautiful blogger-hearts!

I will give you my wonderful “list” at the end of this post and I hope anyone reading will click on all the links because these were my shining jewels of the A to Z month, the ones I visited and tried to make regular comments on, the ones that I hope to keep in touch with, the ones I hope will keep visiting me from time to time.  These were the true rewards of the challenge. I know that some people like to do the challenge to boost their blogs and increase traffic and all that, but for me, I just want to find a few like-minded people who write cool stuff and who liked what I wrote during the challenge.  I found mon trésor and therefore I will declare that A to Z was a success for me.

Will I do this next year?  On verra. We will see. As you may have surmised, I’m not a huge fan of the new format, I find it to be…éparpillé and that kind of stresses me out.  So, while I love the idea and I love the fellowship, I’ll have to consider carefully, and maybe make a new kind of plan for the “new world of A to Z.”


What’s in a name?

Here they are!  My shining jewels, my fellow A to Z-ers, the treasure that I found on les rues du challenge !  I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone!

Eva at Mail Adventures

Evelyne Holingue, author

Mandy at The Everyday Traveler

Jebjork at Getting to the end

Iain Kelly, author

BellyBytes at Mumbai On a High

Geraint Isitt at Penguin Ponderings

Her headache

Liz Brownlee, Poet

Une amie at BL0g@NaMi!

Courtney at MauiJungalow

Bonus : 


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6 thoughts on “A to Z 2017 – Laissez-moi réfléchir… #atozchallenge

  1. Oh… no bonus today?
    Just kidding! I’m happy happy that I discovered your blog (since the very beginning, I think), and I hope I’ll be back here. You’re on my list now!

    The no-list thing worked well for me (but this is the only challenge I’ve participated in). I established my own list in Feedly, so there are some blogs I visited regularly (we coincide in some of them). Then I visited also the people who left a comment on my blog. And some days, if there were any time left, I randomly clicked on some comments that appealed me. A lot of time dedicated to the challenge, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this again…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for including me in your list! That made me so happy! I will look at the other people on your list as well.
    I didn’t link on all the social media sites, just on the A-Z blog and then on my own Facebook page and my own Twitter account because it goes automatically and I included the hashtags, but then I never looked for any new blogs on social media using the hashtags, only using the A-Z blog. I had decided before I started that was what I was going to do, mainly because of time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did the same for twitter. I couldn’t even link to the “official ” blog because my apple evidently hates blogger. I was abl to comment on Eva’s blog from my computer but not from my ipad, not sure why…In any case she was nice enough to not have the two-step captcha activated on her site which allowed me to comment (so thanks again to her!) Anyway, I primarily used the a to z FB page, and I just wasn’t convinced by the end that it was a great option. Oh well, I had fun anyway, and I found you and the others on my list, so yay! 😊


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