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Z – Rue Zadkine #atozchallenge

A to Cray-Z 2017  –

All about the week that I nearly drove my husband crazy. In Paris.

Last October, my husband and I spent a month in France. Nine of those days we spent in Paris. We sought out a street in Paris for every  letter of the alphabet, and we set foot in every arrondissement de Paris. This is not for the faint of heart. Or anyone who fears lots of walking. Or stairs. Or trop de baguettes. Or le Métro.

Ça veut dire — Do not try this at home, folks.

Alors, mes chers lecteurs…have you been to Paris? Have you walked on this street? Does this street make you dream or think of a story? Tell me in the comments!

French verb for this street: Zigouiller

N’énerve pas les gangsters ! Ils vont certainement te zigouiller ! 

Z is for Rue Zadkine

Rue : Rue Zadkine

Arrondissement : 13e

C’est où ? (where is this?)

What was it like for us?

The street was very quiet and out-of-the-way. It was a little hard to find, but as we had already visited the Musée Zadkine and we had seen his works in Arles in 2014 and in Bordeaux, I figured it was worthwhile to try and find the street that the Parisians named for him. I was a bit disappointed that there was no representation of his work there, tant pis. Overall it was a pleasant walk in the 13e, and there were a lot of trees there.

What’s in a name?

Ossip Zadkine(1890-1967) was a Russian-born sculptor who settled in Paris.
I’m not really sure why this is the street that they named for him, out in the 13e arrondissement, but he actually had an atelier very near to the Jardin du Luxumbourg, which is now a museum dedicated to his work.  This was one of the more interesting museums we saw on our trip! It’s tiny and easy to miss, but ça vaut la peine.


Bonus : 

The whole alphabet – and for your entertainment, as a “finale” here is a map where I have marked all the places in this A to Z adventure. You can see what a big city Paris is! I will say in closing that I was a bit too ambitious trying to set foot in every arrondissement. It’s really too much, and you don’t really get a feel for all of them. Although I did “set foot” in each one, I only “experienced” a few of them fully. On the bright side I have a huge list of “must-do’s” for our next visit. Hmmm…maybe that list is too big. Oh well. As far as travelling goes, I am torn because I love big cities like Paris and New York, but I also love remote areas like the place we stayed in Bretagne (that’s going to be another post!)

I enjoy both types of travel, and I try to include both each time we do these long séjours in Europe. Doing A to Z as a way to see Paris was not a bad idea, overall because we went to some very out-of-the-way spots. I think we got to see some Paris insolite. It’s a good thing. I am a geek because I did like having the “theme” and I was thinking of doing a tour of Paris bookstores next time, like a lot of them. Or maybe a tour of Paris boulangeries ? The former would be better for my health, though. Because what’s the point of going to a bakery without tasting the wares ?

So what do you think, chers lecteurs? Have you done a themed vacation? Do you like organized tours or exploring on your own? If you made your own themed tour of Paris, what would you seek out? Dites-moi in the comments!

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16 Responses to “Z – Rue Zadkine #atozchallenge”

  1. willowdot21

    Well done a great A to Z of Paris. We like to know where we are going and what to visit but love it best when fate interviens and we find a hidden gem! 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    • jetgirlcos

      Thanks Willow. You’re so lucky that it isn’t an ocean away from you! Of course I would love to visit England as well, so I think you’re lucky in that respect too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Geraint Isitt

    I have not done a themed vacation, but I have done several set itinerary tours before. I don’t mind those, although going off-cuff is great too.
    Fantastic effort for this challenge. I’ve enjoyed seeing Paris again.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. BellyBytes

    This was a brilliant theme and must have been quite tiring to see all the streets you visited in just a week. But I like the idea of a themed holiday. I suppose it gives you more focus.

    I love the way you marked out your map!

    Hope we keep in touch ….

    Liked by 1 person

    • jetgirlcos

      Me too! Thats the best thing about the A to Z — finding a few really nce blogs to keep visiting! I’m a bit of a sporadic visitor and poster, but I’ll always be back! Congrats to you on the challenge and thanks for following along with my A to Z!


    • jetgirlcos

      Thanks! and thanks to you for a great story that I am currently still finishing up because I got a bit behind ( we took a little trip the last week of April so I am playing A to Z catch-up!)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. jebjork

    I love exploring big cities and get off the beaten track to see a different side of a place, but at the same time I like to visit great museums and monuments and other more touristy places. Some times I go off on my own to some remote place to read, think and recharge.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Eva

    I really enjoyed your posts about the streets of Paris , and I hope I will continue to enjoy your blog in the future.

    And yes, I’ve done some themed holidays. For instance, from lighthouse to lighthouse in some regions, or following a book (I mean a novel, not a guide). I should confess that I was in Rome last week, and I discovered myself wondering how it would be to visit the city from A to Z…
    (I did some strange visits, eventually!).

    Thanks for your posts. When is your next trip?

    EvaMail Adventures

    Liked by 1 person

    • jetgirlcos

      Oh lighthouses! fantastic! And I’d love to read about your visit to Rome, which is on my list. We generally do a ‘big’ rrip every two years, so we’ll be doing 2018. In th meantime we do smaller “getaways ” 🙂



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