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A to Z 2017 Theme Reveal – Sous le ciel de Paris







Bonjour mes chers lecteurs! Well, April is almost here and it’s time for the April A to Z blogging challenge! sorry I’m a little late to the Theme Reveal.

I planned mine just under a year ago and did extensive footwork to get the material for it. I will admit up front that I am underwhelmed by the lack of a linky list this year, and am a little less enthusiastic about the challenge because of the extra work it’s going to take to find y’all A to Z’ers this year. But since I put so much work into  my theme I will make my posts as planned!

My theme is…

Sous Le Ciel de Paris – Les Rues A à Z ! (Under the Paris Sky – Streets from A to Z!)

I set foot in every arrondissement of Paris, and found a street with every letter, and I did this all in 9 days!  I survived to tell you the tale of some “lieux insolites”(quirky and unusual places) in Paris, places that I will definitely be exploring in more depth in the future! I will be doing this mainly in English, but for “m’améliorer” (to improve myself) I will add some French paragraphs here and there. Don’t worry if you aren’t a French speaker, it won’t take away from the main theme if you don’t read these, or if you use an online translator 🙂

I have (and have had in the past) a lot of trouble getting my Mac and Safari to “play” well with blogger blogs. No offense to the Blogger folks, who have a ton of awesome blogs, but I haven’t always been able to tell y’all how awesome I think you are because my machine does not let me comment on your blogs very easily. I have to try about three or four times to “prove I’m not a robot” and then sometimes it still doesn’t work. The only way I can think of to work around this is to use a Google log-in or to make a Blogger blog that just has one link, to my real page here at WP, but frankly, I’m not a fan of being “google-ized.” I find Google to be very invasive and I already have enough invasive entities inhabiting my computer. I use a few Google products from time to time just because it’s easier (like google maps, which you will see on all my A to Z posts!) but I have no desire to link them all up, and have them all talk to each other on my behalf! For me, it’s like getting a department store credit card. Yes, I know I’d get an additional 20% off my purchase today in exchange for giving all my personal information to yet one more place that could get hacked and complicating my bill-paying life for the foreseeable future and accepting a ridiculously high interest rate, but really, No Thank You.


Also, I took a look at both the FB posts and the “official” A to Z blog posts for the Theme Reveal, to see how easy it will be to find the interesting A to Z-ers that I have found in the past three years using the linky list. I thought it was confusing to sift through the comments to find the actual links, and frustrating to have to read tons of comments.  I got tired of reading the comments and trying to figure out where I left off if I go out to a blog and then come back. I just spent 7 minutes leaving a comment on a Blogger blog that I thought was interesting. I had to try 3 times to get the captcha right and then I had to go back to the A to Z post and try to find where I left off from scratch. No fun! Kind of frustrating. Also, I skipped over the links that required cut-and-paste. Sorry to you folks who put those, I imagine you have awesome blogs, but the clickable ones are “easy” and the others are…less easy. I want to spend my time reading  the blogs, not clicking, cutting, pasting, and fighting with captchas. (insert frustrated and sad emoticon here.)  On FB at least everything was clickable. Don’t worry, I’m still intent on visiting lots of A to Z’ers ! I’ll just have to find you guys in a random and haphazard fashion and hope I can find you again to follow along with all the interesting themes! If you’re WP I’ll just follow you 🙂 and if you’re another platform I’ll try to make a “list” of my own.


Anyway, that’s why I won’t be posting links to my A to Z posts on the “official” A to Z blog. I will try to do it on the A to Z Facebook page, I guess. Honestly, I’m not a Super-Savvy-Social-Media-Guru.  I have a Twitter account but I don’t “get” Twitter. I tried using Snapchat when I was on vacation, but wasn’t too good at that one either. If you’re interested in my theme, you’ll find all my posts here, or on my FB page, HERE.  I think I still have my Twitter linked up, so you’ll see the posts there as well. I’ll try to figure out Twitter a bit better, but if I don’t Twitter properly in response to you during A to Z, please be aware that it’s not personal, it’s just that I don’t “get” it! 😛


I want to say thank you to the A to Z team, because this is a wonderful challenge, and it was my first real challenge and immersion into blogging. Because of A to Z I found a lot of blogs that I have now followed for years, some of whom I consider real friends. I appreciate that the “no list” format is much better for the all-volunteer A to Z team! Just wading through the comments on the Theme Reveal post gives me a taste of what life must have been like for the linky list moderators over the years, and as you have read, I think it’s overwhelming! So thank you thank you thank you for doing all this work. Will this be my last year at A to Z? I don’t know the answer to that one. For now I will leave it at “On verra ! ” (We’ll wait and see!) I will now henceforth leave behind my negative emotions concerning the new A to Z format and try to have fun. End of rant, I promise!!


C’est Parti ! On y va ! Allons-y ! Let’s go!



26 Responses to “A to Z 2017 Theme Reveal – Sous le ciel de Paris”

  1. Jacqui Murray

    I’m excited to follow your journey. Now, don’t laugh at me–but I’ve been binging on Hercule Poirot. He uses so much French, it’s re-awakening my High School French classes. Little phrases like n’est-pas are popping out of my conversation all over the place!

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  2. Debbie D.

    Bonjour! 🙂 Je parle Français un peu but am terribly rusty. It will be good to brush up the language once again. My one and only visit to Paris was in 1966 and I’d love to go back one day. Your posts will surely tempt anyone wishing to visit. As for the linky list issue, Arlee Bird had some good suggestions on the A to Z blog today.
    À bientôt.
    Debbie @ The Doglady’s Den

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  3. John Holton

    The A to Z team didn’t want to move the Challenge blog to WordPress, because they all use Blogger. C’est la vie, as you would say. And we try very hard to tell people to turn off CAPTCHA and comment moderation, but some won’t listen. Blogger doesn’t have Akismet, which does a better than average job of getting 99% of the spam while leaving the comments. But really, if you aren’t willing to put up with the morons who spam, why have a blog? I’m with you: if I have to jump through that many hoops to post a comment on a blog, forget it.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. (By the way, you don’t have to copy-and-paste the URL’s. All you need to do is highlight the URL, right click and select “Open link in new window.” But that doesn’t work on mobile devices…)

    You have a great theme and I look forward to reading what you have to say.

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    • jetgirlcos

      Thanks for the right-click tip, John! You’re so savvy 🙂 I’m sure I’ll still find some cool new blogs using FB, and I will of course visit every person who drops by here! I appreciate every single person who spends a few moments reading what I post! It’s why blogging is fun 🙂


  4. Eva

    Étudiante aussi de Français, je suis allée à Paris quatre ou cinq fois, et je crois que je vais aimer votre theme.

    Mon theme va être cartes postales que j’ai recentment reçues, as my blog, puisque le theme de mon blog est toujours le courrier postal. Pas de CAPTCHA, pas de moderation de commentaires, on peut laisser des commentaires anonymement (ce qu’on ne peut pas faire sur ce blog!)… Vous êtes la bienvenue!

    Eva – Mail Adventures

    PS Avez-vous vu c eblog, avec un theme pareil:

    Liked by 1 person

    • jetgirlcos

      Bonsoir Eva! Je suis si contente que vous ayez visité mon site! J’aime beaucoup votre blog et j’ai hâte de lire ce que vous avez écrit. Moi aussi j’ai un faible pour les cartes postales etc. Je vous remercie de m’avoir donné le lien pour l’autre blog qui m’intéresse! Bonne chance pour le A á Z Challenge! Allons-y 🙂


    • jetgirlcos

      Thanks for the visit! I hope you can see some of the magic I love about Paris in my A to Z posts. As I love to read fiction I am always interested in author’s blogs so I’ll go check out your site for sure!


  5. jebjork

    I feel your pain with blogger, the constant robot validations has stopped me from commenting on other blogs before. I’m glad you’re on WP too, and now you’re added to my reader I won’t miss any of your posts. Looking forward to learn more about Paris and work on my long-forgotten French.

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  6. Arlee Bird

    Sounds like a fun and educational theme. Just blog like normal and you should be fine. After all my years of doing this I very rarely encounter blogs where I have trouble commenting anymore. Once I’m in on a platform then it seems to be easy after that. Just do what you can.

    Happy April Blogging!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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