Just Jot it January 30 – My favorite color is Blue

le 30 janvier, 2017

Blue…I’ve noticed recently that I have a lot of blue clothes. I made it a point to take a bunch of blue things to  France with me and I seem to have carried it over since being home. I just wanted to be able to wear any of my clothes together since I only took a small carry-on for a month-long trip. I like the blue though, I think it’s kind of muted and quietly classy (or at least as classy as I get!) My mom gave me a really cool reversible skirt with a blue floral pattern on one side and a blue-and-white pattern on the other, with just a few dots of red. I thought it was perfect for travel!

I have a couple of scarves which have blue patterns, a classic navy blue cashmere v-necked sweater, a navy blue sweater with white polka dots, blue jeans,  a royal blue sweater, two different shades of blue long-sleeved t-shirts, a blue denim skirt, a navy blue long-sleeved dress with a multi-colored paisley flounce at the bottom, a long swishy blue ombre skirt, blue tights, a pale blue t-shirt…I think that’s about it. I usually wear these things with plain black or white tops or sweaters or skirts, and sometimes gray. If I don’t have blue, then it’s black.

Here’s one of my favorite blue-and-white scarves:  (strangely enough, I photographed it lying on my blue-and-white comforter) For whatever reason, it kind of looks black and white in the photo, but I promise you it is a very specific color of blue!

Bonus if you can name the pattern!

I have little “pops” of color in the form of scarves, usually. I have a lot of different colors of scarves. I just bought a really cute pale pink and white one with gold dots on it for a mere $3 at Tar-jhay.  I do have a nice red “pleather” jacket that I like to wear if the weather is suitable. I have two winter coats, one olive green and the other…wedgewood blue. But I’m not really a “matchy-matchy” kind of girl, in general. My mother absolutely loves to match everything she wears. Lavender top? Then she’ll have lavender slacks as well. With lavender socks and a lavender sweater. Depending on where she is, it can be like camouflage!


Anyway, the point is, after much reflection, I guess blue must be my “favorite color.”  I don’t think I would have said that before writing this post. Thanks, John Holton, for pointing that out to me! My favorite color is blue.



Just Jot It January” – The spectacular-anyone-can-join-fantabulous-month-of-blogging  created by the Super Hero Linda G Hill! If you click on the link above or the picture at the bottom of the post, you’ll find the proper link to learn all the rules !

The Just Jot It January 30th prompt, brought to you by John Holton of The Sound of One Hand Typing, is: “Blue.” Use it any way you’re inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to John as well! Here’s his blog:  https://thesoundofonehandtyping.wordpress.com/ .

7 thoughts on “Just Jot it January 30 – My favorite color is Blue

  1. Test worked! And it will take just minutes for you to leave a link like the one you left on the Main Challenge blog. Treat the comments as your list. I always kept a separate list of blogs I liked and wanted to visit again.
    Thank you.

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