Just Jot it January 12 – Tingle

le 12 janvier, 2017


Have you ever listened to a piece of music and felt a tingle up your spine? It’s kind of fantastic, I think. When this happens to me, it is usually attached to an instrumental piece.  I found a post on FB this morning of a video from flutist Sir James Galway playing Ravel’s “Pièce en forme de Habanera” that I shared because it’s one of those pieces for me. It just tingles the spine when it’s played well.


Actually, I feel this way about a lot of flute music, and about a lot of French music. I remember an instance from our last trip to France…we were in This Museum (click) in Bayeux, and they were playing some of Ravel’s music softly over the speakers while we were enjoying some work by Caillebotte. It was a tingly moment.

Another moment like this for me was  when I took my friend Felicia to New York, and we went to see my flute teacher, M. Nicolas Duchamp, perform at a university in New Jersey. He does this fantastic concert about the life of the French composer Philippe Gaubert where he shows a film that he made based on some very personal research into the composer’s life, and then he plays Gaubert’s music on Gaubert’s actual flute.  It’s a very cool story how this all came about, and you can read about it by <clicking here> or hear a sample by <clicking here> (the program starts at 6:27 in this recording)

Anyway, when we went there and we heard this performance in person, I can only describe the first note that he played on that flute as “tingly.” But it was even more than that, it was almost like being transported through time as well, because of having heard Gaubert’s story, and then the story of the flute itself, and then to hear Gaubert’s music played so masterfully on this very flute…


Just Jot It January” – The spectacular-anyone-can-join-fantabulous-month-of-blogging  created by the Super Hero Linda G Hill! If you click on the link above or the picture at the bottom of the post, you’ll find the proper link to learn all the rules !


The Just Jot It January 12th prompt, brought to you by Tessa of the blog Always A Writer, is: “Tingle.” Use it any way you’re inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to Tessa as well! Here’s her blog: https://finallyawriter.com/



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