SoCS — Le premier bonheur de 2017…


Well, I guess it is the Last SoCS of 2016. I am about to indulge in the last cappucino of the year here at the Denver Airport Starbucks.  I should be home in time to see the first moments of 2017 with my wonderful husband, though! I love this song by Françoise Hardy because in it she seems to express a beautiful sentiment. I love the idea of the “first joy of the day” being waking up next to the one you love, and the “first sadness of the day” being when he goes to work for the day, and the last joy of the day turning off the light when they are together again in the evening. One could argue that the song is a bit… old-fashioned if you will, with her happiness totally dependant on her man being around, but I find a certain innocent sweetness about it.  Aside from that it’s just a lovely tune and additionally, it’s easy to memorize and sing along with in French, which is  a plus on the language learning side of things.

I have some things I want to say about 2016, but I’m saving that for a post that is hopefully more well organized than a SoCS. So instead of writing about the year that is ending, I prefer to make today’s post about the year that will begin tomorrow. In French class last week, La Prof asked each of us to come up with one single word we wanted to say about 2017. I chose “attendre” which means “to wait” because I think the key to 2017 is going to be “Let’s wait and see.”  So many folks are already putting a burden of expected doom and gloom on the coming year, and I think it’s a bit unfair. I prefer to wait and let 2017 speak for itself. I prefer to wait and see what could happen in 2017. Maybe the naysayers will be right, but then again, maybe they won’t. It’s like working with someone who is preceded by a “reputation.” I always prefer to work with the person myself and make my own mind up as to whether or not they are nice to work with. It’s hard to overcome preconceived notions, and it’s hard to ignore them once you’ve heard them, but I do try.

I want to find the small but important beginnings and endings in the coming year, like Françoise Hardy does in her song.  The ribbon of sunlight that wraps itself around his hand and caresses my shoulder as we wake up together,  sea breeze and the beach and bird who sings in the tree outside… I think 2017 deserves a chance to make its own reputation. So…Attendons ! Let’s wait! Because, as a favorite character in one of our French textbooks says, On ne sait jamais !  You just never know.


This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”  — Click and read, click and join in!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “first/last.” Use one or both words, or find words that mean the same. Bonus points if you start your post with “first/beginning/start” etc. and end with “last/end” etc. Enjoy!






2 thoughts on “SoCS — Le premier bonheur de 2017…

  1. You know what? As I am preparing a school presentation for my kids’ novel I was looking for a song from Francoise Hardy and started to get distracted and checked my WorPress mail. And here you are writing about the French singer.
    Happy New Year! Bonne Année 2017!


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