SoCS — Jetgirl is In

Bonjour mes chers lecteurs,

Je suis rentrée. Oui, après avoir passé un mois en France, Jetgirl is In. In other words, I have been Out (of the country, that is) and now, I am back In.  My husband and I just spend four wonderful weeks in France (and an afternoon in Spain).  Now, the struggle to re-integrate myself into “real” world and out of “vacation world” begins. Well, it should have already begun since we got back a couple weeks ago. But I have been fiddling around with photos, Shutterfly, looking up various methods to make cool travel diaries,  trying to get back to playing my flute, going to the doctor, making appointments for other doctors (just routine stuff, but…ick) and other things like that.  Also, I drove the 6 hours to see my mother for a few days. I missed her, she missed me, and families need to do that TLC stuff as often as possible. So after getting home from her house, I have done things like cleaning some stuff, putting some other stuff away, etc. I got myself “together” enough to have a flute lesson this week, which wasn’t bad considering how rusty I got from a month of not playing.

I have spent most of this week preparing for my French lesson next week. The DELF test is fast approaching and although I do feel that spending a month in France has improved my comprehension somewhat, it did absolutely nothing for my writing skills!  I tried to keep a travel diary while we were there, but what with the fact that we walked (according to Monsieur Fitbit) 261.74 miles, or 421.23 km, I didn’t have time or energy left over at the ends of the days for writing. I did manage to post some stuff on Snapchat for family and friends, and I sent a few postcards as well, but that was about it. Mostly, I was too entranced with France! We did a ton of things, and my handsome hubby ordered his own food in French this time, and even managed to wear his own clothes to our special lunch at Le Grand Véfour in Paris this time. (last time, he had to wear second-hand clothes due to a lost valise!) 

So anyway, I am getting back IN the swing of things, and will be sharing some random travel-y thoughts with you soon, I imagine!

This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”  — Click and read, click and join in!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “in/out.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you’d like. Enjoy!






10 thoughts on “SoCS — Jetgirl is In

  1. Hey great to see you back ! What a coincidence we have just come back from a month in France! We returned on the 3rd October! I have posted some of our travels, some while I was there and some since our return , entitled Thoughts from France. We could compare notes. Anyway welcome back!! xxx

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    1. merci ! c’était fantastique d’avoir passé un mois en France ! Je rêve d’y vivre un de ces jours… mais j’aime bien ma vie ici et je dois la reprendre maintenant ! ( back to reality!!) 😎

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