SoCS — The view out the windshield!

Hey guys! Well, it is still Saturday, so that means I still have a little time to SoCS!  I will be making this one super short. I just want to say that the view out the windshield of the car is the most important one if you happen to be driving.  As in, get off the PHHHHone and drive!  I can’t get over how many people talk on the phone (or worse — TEXT) and drive.


Also…I’m not convinced about this Pokemon Go phenomenon. “They” say it’s a way to get kids (and adults) out and walking and enjoying the view outside, but…if you have to keep looking at the screen all the time, how much of the “view”  are you really taking in? It’s possible that I just don’t understand the game, but I don’t see it reducing the number of people on the streets walking into each other because they are looking at their phones. (yes, I am guilty of doing the walking/texting thing from time to time. I admit it. I think it’s horrible, but I do it sometimes anyway!)


One more thing:  Holding your phone in front of you as if you were asking Scotty to beam you up and talking loudly using speakerphone outside the comfort of your own home is not ok. Not. Ok.  It does not constitute “hands-free” if you are driving, and it is just unspeakably rude if you are walking around a public place. You know, like an airport. Or a department store.  Or a public toilet. About that last one…if I am in a public toilet and hear you in the next stall having an “important” conversation with your boss, your lawyer, your “people”…I’m just going to flush over and over and over again.  I don’t care how important you think you are, you *can* wait two minutes to make that call. At least long enough to pee. Nobody else in the public toilet cares that you are the CFO of Widgets Inc., and they don’t want to listen to you have “your people call their people.”  And none of the people in the airport want to hear you loudly argue with your ex about who is picking your kid up from summer camp. Truly. Especially if you are using foul language. Ok. I think I’m done. Rant over. Jetgirl out.

20090704-1971 StarTrekTOSCommunicatorReplica
By Davidbspalding (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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8 thoughts on “SoCS — The view out the windshield!

  1. I had an experience yesterday. I was sitting at the table that has all the outlets for people using computers. A woman sits across from me and starts to work, and all of a sudden she’s waving like she wants my attention. So I take off my headphones and say “yes?” and she says “what?” She was on Skype with someone else and was gesturing wildly as she was talking. I would think the last place you would want to hold a conference like that would be at Starbucks…

    I deal with people walking along, oblivious to what’s going on around them as they’re carrying on phone conversations. I’ve had to stop one or two so they won’t walk into me, because if they knock me down they’re going to have to pick me up, because I’m handicapped. The looks I get! Like they’re saying “How Dare You!”

    I miss the good old days where everyone had to use landline phones…

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  2. mon fils a retrouvé une bonne forme en marchant avec le jeu pokémon go, bref les temps ont changé…même jusqu’aux toilettes apparemment…


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