SoCS — I dunno…is it art ?

I have never been able to draw. I took an art class in Junior High, but I wasn’t very good. My spheres weren’t round, my squares weren’t square, and I had no sense of perspective.  But I could play the piano and I was learning to play the flute.


I appreciate the visual arts very much. Artists truly astound me. I think my favorite painter is Vincent Van Gogh, but I really couldn’t tell you why. I like his brushstrokes; I like that fact that they are visible I guess. Anyone who really knew anything about art would give a better reason, right? Something more…encyclopedic, maybe? I like reading about artists, and learning about art history to a certain extent, but most of it doesn’t stick to my brain.


I do much better with music. It’s  a work in progress, but I do feel that I have made some progress at being more artistic with music recently, thanks to my new flute teacher.  I am a “reluctant” singer at church. I do feel that I have certain musical strengths. I think this might be artistic, even though a performer is really just interpreting what a composer has already created.


Some people are artists in their gardens, or have the ability to decorate a beautiful home (I possess neither of those skills!)  Some people are skilled at the art of speaking to groups of people or in the art of care-giving. Some people are artistic in the kitchen. (I do ok at that one from time to time!)  Others are skilled in the art of novel-writing, poetry, screen-writing, or essay-writing.


Even flying an airplane is an art, to a certain extent. In fact, here is my conclustion about art: Anything we do can be done artistically. Even the most mundant chores can be arts if we allow ourselves to think of them as such. Arranging a cupborad, making  a bed, these too can have artistic aspects.  In fact, maybe it is simply a little well-placed pride in one’s work which makes it “art” rather than just a task.


However.  If one hears the word, “art”, most people think of artists who paint pictures or draw. I still can’t paint or draw. I did take up the doodling-type meditative-style drawing called “Zentangle®” though. So even though Linda said we didn’t have to draw anything, here are two of my favorite Zentangle tiles that I’ve drawn. Is it art? I’m not sure. You decide, mes chers lecteurs.





Et vous?  Why do you feel drawn to certain kinds of art ot to the works of a certain artist? What kinds of art do you do?  I’d love to read about your art in the comments. Feel free to leave links to your art if you’d like! It would be a lot of fun to see/read/hear about your art!


À la prochaine !


This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”  — Click and read, click and join in! Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “art.” Write a post regarding “art,” be it an object or a name. Note: I’m not asking you to draw something, but if you’d like to, we’d love to see that too! Enjoy!







13 thoughts on “SoCS — I dunno…is it art ?

  1. I think that your Zentagle drawings are definitely art, they are beautiful to look at, so that definitely counts.
    My art is with words. I can’t draw or paint pictures except in my poems! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Judy. I think the real beauty of Zentangle is that truly anyone can do it! It frees and relaxes the mind for just a few minutes (a small tile like that take about a half hour to do). Thanks for stopping by; I look forward to taking a look at your written art on your site !

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  2. Your Zentangle tiles are wonderful. I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks painting tiles and china pieces for a show. Are your tiles Porcelain? Are you using china paints? Tell me more, please – I’m curious!

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  3. As much as I wish to draw and paint I’m not very good at that. But I fuly agree with you that art can be seen through daily life. Decorating a house, wearing cerrtain clothes a certain way, gardening…
    Many things can show our artistic side.
    And yes, flying a plane, especially landing a plane can be a form of art. We know it when it’s well done.

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  4. Your Zentagle drawings are most definitely beautiful art. To me art is in all things , especially as you say it there in the mundane as well as the truly spectacular!☺ xxxx


  5. I used to draw in grammar school, until someone told me I suck at it, so I kind of gave it up. I wish I hadn’t. I played guitar until the stroke, when I lost my fine movements in my right hand and couldn’t hold a guitar pick. Now, I write; it’s something I gave up for a while after the stroke, but picked it up again and now blog every day.

    Your Zentangle stuff looks like fun. Wish I could control a pen…


  6. I suppose writing must be my forte, really – although I may sketch from time to time, if the mood takes me. Then there is cooking, and something of a definition of ‘art’which is hard to separate in other media. When you decide to make a sauce, just for itself, without any notion of producing a dish from it. I guess it might equate to the process of discovering a colour in fine art, but I have never plumbed that deeply….

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    1. Oh, cooking is absolutely artistic! I actually love when I have no specific plans and have to “create” something from what is in my kitchen. It has led to some good dishes in some (but not all) cases! 🙂


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