A to Z: Five Faves for Friday

Finally skipping down the A to Z list,  and I have decided to try to do one post a week to highlight some of my faves 🙂 And à propos the A to Z challenge…I am soooo far ahead for next year! I can’t even believe it myself. If all goes according to plan, (yeah, I know…probably jinxed that one!)  I’ll be done by the end of October!

So without further ado, here are five faves from the 2016 A to Z list for this week!

  1. I will begin with the Founder’s site, and the first name on the list,  Tossing it Out by Arlee Bird. Fantastic A to Z about Manhattan!! Definitely check it out!
  2. The last name on the A to Z sign-up list, and definitely one to check out for info on people in the Bible!  Letters from Paul
  3. Next, the blog I read the most during the actual challenge, the site of author Evelyne Holingue, who wrote about all the fabulous words that we swap between French and English…but which may not mean the same thing in both languages! Brilliant!
  4. The Bee-youtiful site of Bee Halton, who wrote about all kinds of things for her A to Z!  Bee has multiple blogs and she participates in so many challenges and writes so many kinds of things! She’s just…fantastique!
  5. Last one for today…Joeyfully Stated.  If you are looking for a blog with a great sense of humor and a wonderful way with words, then look no further. I have been following her blog for a really long time, and I think you should too, if you aren’t already! 🙂

à bientôt, chers lecteurs.  Happy reading! And Happy Friday!


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