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“I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost” — Snapchat for Geezers

So this article popped up on NYT recently about Snapchat. I had only heard about this from a 17-yr old, and I had no idea what it was. When I read the article it struck me that this could be a great media for storytelling, especially travel stories. By its nature, Snapchat is ephemeral, fleeting, there and then gone. Isn’t this the way life is, in fact? Aren’t we all just witnessing passing moments? It’s time, it’s how time passes. I think Snapchat must be the most poetic of all the social media for this reason, and perhaps it is the most “real.” Snapchat seems to me to be the perfect medium for sharing those random thoughts I have as I am walking through a day, the ones that I think might be poetic or creative (but which probably aren’t!) when I see a discarded sock on the sidewalk, or when I see an interesting pattern in the airport carpet or have a random thought related to some song I hear in the elevator…and why not? It’ll disappear quickly enough!


It occurred to me that if I were to “snapchat” some of my travels, my snapchat pals could experience the journey with me, almost as if they were there. When I took my young friend to NYC, I think she was snapchatting (am I right, Fel?  😉 ) but I didn’t really get it, I thought it was just “something kids do.”  But after reading the article, the authenticity of the snapchat travel story struck me, and I had to go seek her help to get started. As it turns out, there truly aren’t very many “geezers” like me on Snapchat.


Alors, chers lecteurs, I’ve decided to work on a story, to be entitled, “Forty-somethings of the world, unite and figure out Snapchat!” otherwise known as “I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost!” (which definitely dates me even more!)


So here is what I have done: I have put my very own “snapcode” in the sidebar of my blog, and I am encouraging any of my readers, no matter your age, to say “I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost!” and download this app to your iOS or Android device (you can even do it on your ipad if you do this little workaround).   To add me to your “friends” you can use the “snapcode” by just taking a picture of it with your phone and then select the picture you just took in the Snapchat app under “add friends using a snapcode” , or add me using my username, “jetgirl2.”   I am going to start adding random snaps from my “normal” days which might not be “normal” to many of you, and some of my random “pseudo-poetic” thoughts, when they occur to me and I have my phone handy. Let’s see if some of us “older” folks can learn to love this breezy medium. Because if “…all we are is dust in the wind…” then Snapchat is for us too!

here is the snapcode, just so it’s part of this article as well:



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