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L’alphabet dans le miroir


My reflection post…

Well, I did “survive” the challenge. Sadly, that is about all I can say this year, and I think I’m doing well to say that. Life didn’t work out how I would have wished for it to this year, and my grand plans to have all my posts finished before April started and to visit a lot of blogs every day just didn’t come to pass. We often have “grand plans” but ultimately God has The Grand Plan and we don’t get to know how that’s going to work until it happens. Family is more important than blogging, period. My world has a Dad-shaped hole in it now, and I have to get used to how that is going to be.

All that being said, my Dad taught me to be a determined person, and since I said I would do 26 posts in April, I did that. But I really can’t say that I was able to “participate” fully in the A to Z challenge. I visited a few blogs, but overall I visited a small percentage of the list in April. I think now I can start to get “caught up” and fully intend to do the A to Z roadtrip, continuing to visit my fellow A to Z-ers as the year goes on.

As for what I gained from A to Z this year, I would say that doing the posts was a great exercise for me in French, because I wrote a lot in French, and it was a great exercise for me in blogging, because I added some things to my blog, experimented with a new page on FaceBook, and did two videos. So even if I didn’t get the full benefit of visiting/being visited, I did stretch my blogging wings.

Even though I didn’t visit as many as I wanted, I did do some blog-hopping on the A to Z lisr, and I found that there is some sort of problem between Apple machines/devices and Google when it comes to commenting on Blogger blogs. I was not able to comment using my WP account or OpenID on any blogger blog from my Apple machines. Thanks to Arlee, I did find a workaround, which was to create a blogger account and use that to comment. Not the ideal solution for me as I dislike having idle accounts floating around the internet, and it could lead blogger folks looking for me to a “dead end”  if they click my blogger profile instead of the link in my comment, which sort of defeats the A to Z blog-hoppy goal in a way. I’ll have to work on making a nice perma-page on that site to lead folks to WP if they want to see my blog.

Other than that, I say “chapeau” once again to the A to Z team, who do an amazing job managing a monumental task! Merci beaucoup, Arlee Bird and everyone at A to Z ! I’ll be back, and I have already planned every single post for next year, and I intend to be completely finished by the end of November except for adding the A to Z banners and graphics! So…on verra ! 

Mes chers lecteurs, je vous remercie de m’avoir suivi pendant le mois d’avril. J’espère que mes articles vous aideront si vous pouvez apprendre la langue française. J’espère que vous avez découvert au moins une nouvelle chose grâce à mon site.



21 Responses to “L’alphabet dans le miroir”

  1. MyLovingWife

    I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. Sending positive thoughts your way although I know it’s not always enough; time can be a healer…
    I was hoping you were busy with more joyous events.
    I look forward to seeing you more often again.
    Au plaisir de te lire bientôt j’espère.

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  2. Lissa Johnston (@Lissa_Johnston)

    Agree that is not a very palatable solution, but better than no solution at all.

    Love your theme idea. Becoming fluent in a second language has long been a goal of mine, as yet unattained solely due to my lack of discipline. I took Latin in high school and one semester of French in college. I enjoyed learning about them but Latin of course is not spoken much anymore, and my French is a smattering of vocab words and travel phrases and that’s about it. I’m focusing on Spanish for achieving my goal. Maybe this will be the year.

    Very sorry to hear about your dad.

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  3. randommusings29

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. You should be proud to have finished the challenge under those circumstances, there’s plenty of time to visit the blogs!

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  4. Bee Halton

    I am so sorry for your loss and send you hug. It is so bad to lose a parent no matter what age we are.

    The problem is blogger: They changed their commenting function so that you need to have a blogger account to be able to comment. Quite cheeky of them I find.

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  5. evelyneholingue

    I am sorry to read that you went through sad events. I wish you the best. I was away shortly after the end of the challenge and away from my regular blog posting and reading. I am sorry for your dad and wish you peace.

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  6. Rhonda Strong Gilmour

    C’est avec une immense tristesse que j’ai appris la mort de votre père. Je vous présente mes condoléances les plus sincères. La vie devient plu scompliquée au moments quand on fait des projets, n’est-ce pas? Bien à vous.
    @RhondaGilmour from
    Late Blooming Rose

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  7. LindaGHill

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Kelli. It’s tough to find the energy to blog when life offline is in a shambles. I hope things will ease their way back to normalcy for you soon. Take care, my dear. *hugs*

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