A to Z 2016 — Quality French

Bonjour mes chers lecteurs ! Bienvenue sur le site “Forty, C’est Fantastique.” Qu’est-ce que c’est ? De quoi s’agit-il ? Alors, c’est mon voyage vers la langue française. Un voyage sans fin. Je l’ai commencé il y a trois ans et demi. De temps en temps, il y a des gens qui me demandent : “Comment as-tu appris la langue française ?” Je leur réponds : “Je n’ai pas appris la langue française. Je suis toujours en train de l’apprendre”

Parlez Français !
Parlez Français !


La Partie en anglais

Time to “stretch the wings” again! Yes, I have made another video. Don’t get too used to it, though. It’s hard! 🙂 I love doing this (except for the bit where I have to be on camera…but that’s just my introverted personality talking).  I like doing the transcriptions and the translations. It’s a challenge in a good way.


Today’s video is an interview with my French teacher! I am extraordinarily lucky to have found, right here in the middle of Colorado, a teacher who is, first of all, French. She is from Dijon.  Secondly, I think I’d have a hard time finding a teacher with her passion for teaching the French language anywhere in the world !  She is a beautiful lady who, as you will see in the video, just overflows with positivity and passion for teaching.


I have been studying with Pascale Arnol since the summer of 2013. She has helped me so much to increase my level of French! I take private lessons with her twice a month, and I am a part of her grammar class twice a month, and her weekly conversation class, as well as another more advanced class. Every moment of these classes is a delight. I always come away having learned something new, whether that is about grammar, or vocabulary, or “real-life” French like common expressions, culture, or literature.  Thanks to her, I felt way less scared about my ability to communicate when my husband and I went to France in 2014. When we go back this year, I can say that I will feel confident and even “at ease” in the language!


She teaches all levels and all kinds of classes, in person and on Skype. You can find her website at http://www.qualityfrench.net


The Part in French (with English subtitles!) 


Et..pour avoir plus d’informations, n’oubliez pas de visiter Quality French ! Merci !  

Le mot du jour from Larousse.fr : (you can click on the word to go to their site, which includes a pronunciation of the word)


  • Morceau de gros pain contenant beaucoup de croûte.


quignon. Larousse.fr Retrieved March 15, 2016, from http://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais/quignon/65704?q=quignon#64961

In English: That crusty bit at the tip of the baguette. We don’t have a real word for this because it is dastardly hard to find a real baguette in the U.S. !


“Chef Alex m’a dit que je peux avoir le quignon. Il m’a dit que c’est acceptable de le manger en rentrent de la boulangerie.”

“Chef Alex said that I can have the quignon. He told me that it is perfectly acceptable to eat it on the way home from the bakery.”



4 thoughts on “A to Z 2016 — Quality French

  1. Nothing like a French native when it comes to pronunciation, of course.
    Quignon and croûton can both design the end of a baguette. It just depends of the regions. In the northern part of France where I used to live we tend to say croûton and the south favor quignon.
    Great post again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh…that’s interesting, I didn’t know that! So “croûton” in the north and “quignon” in the south…so it’s a bit like the “pain au chocolat” vs. “chocolatine” question then ? No matter what you call it, it is absolutely one of the most delightful things I’ve ever eaten. I think the fact that you can tear it off and eat it while walking away from the bakery makes it even better 🙂 I love the baguettes that are “bien cuit” because the ends are nice and crunchy!


  2. ah je ne savais pas que le croûton pouvait désigner le bout du pain car en général il désigne un petit morceau de pain sec (rassis). D’où l’expression en parlant péjorativement d’une personne âgée : “c’est un vieux croûton”.


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