A to Z theme reveal 2016 — What is this About ?

Bonjour mes chers lecteurs ! Bienvenue sur le site “Forty, C’est Fantastique.”  Qu’est-ce que c’est ? De quoi s’agit-il ? Alors, c’est mon voyage vers la langue française. Un voyage sans fin. Je l’ai commencé il y a trois ans et demi. De temps en temps, il y a des gens qui me demandent :  “Comment as-tu appris la langue française ?”   Je leur réponds : “Je n’ai pas appris la langue française. Je suis toujours en train de l’apprendre.”  


Parlez Français !
Parlez Français !



Hello, (bonjour) and welcome to Theme Reveal day, 2016! If you’re a long time follower, you will see that I have made some cosmetic changes around here. I have added a way to follow this blog on Bloglovin, added my Twitter and Pinterest links, and hopefully made the whole place more organized and easier to navigate. Of course I had to change the theme and colors as well 🙂  Let me know what you think!

So…for the “Great Theme Reveal” it should be no surprise that I am doing something “très français”  here at “Forty, C’est Fantastique.”  My  A to Z theme this year will be….attendez, je dois consulter mon dictionnaire…ok, I don’t really need to consult my dictionary, but I was trying to draw out the suspense 😉


My A to Z theme is “The A to Z of great resources for learning the French language.”  Wherein I will share with you 26 things that I have found indispensable in my journey to learn “La langue de Molière.”  I will be writing in French and in English, and I will shamelessly switch back and forth between the two. But don’t worry if you don’t speak French (yet!) I have also randomly chosen 26 French words from among my favorites to share with you during this challenge, so even if you don’t speak French, by the end of April you can know 26 words in French, which will have varying levels of usefulness. I haven’t chosen these based on how useful they are but rather on how beautiful I find them 🙂 But if you are, like I was, a “forty-something” trying to figure out how to learn French “toute seule” then I do hope these resources will help you.

Now. Why should you learn French? Pourquoi pas? I found these ten reasons on Pinterest:



And what does that mean, you ask?

Translation: 10 good reasons why I speak French now —

  1. It’s a language spoken all over the world
  2. It’s an advantage for my career
  3. I can study in France
  4. I understand French culture better
  5. It’s useful for traveling to French-speaking countries
  6. It’s influential in international relations
  7. All the mass media in French is accessible to me.
  8. There are French high schools all over the world
  9. Other languages are easier to learn
  10. The language of love and of the soul (actually, “l’esprit” is quite hard to translate…it has many meanings and is one of those words that takes sentences to explain in English.  I think “soul” works ok here, but it’s not really the same thing. Which is a good reason to learn French!), and of science…

I would add that it is the language of music also. You’ll see what I mean. But that’s for later. I’ll leave you in suspense over that one. 🙂

So…Allons-y !  (“It’s French. For ‘Let’s go'” — the Doctor)


P.S. That was a bonus word (ok, it’s a phrase, not a word!)  for you to learn…of course if you are a “Doctor Who” Fan you already knew that. You see? You can learn a little bit of French just about anywhere! 


38 thoughts on “A to Z theme reveal 2016 — What is this About ?

  1. I’m looking forward to finding out what your 26 favorite French words are. I would be at pain deciding that for myself 😜.
    Have fun! Can’t see the cosmetic changes on the phone version yet but I shall take a look tonight when I get home. More likely tomorrow though because today’s super busy. Have a fantastic Monday: excellent Lundy.


  2. Génial! Je vais certainement suivre votre défi attentivement pour découvrir ce que vous aimez tant du français et quels mots vous préférez. Says the French girl who will be doing the challenge in english for “reasons”!
    Et vous avez raison pour le mot “Esprit”. I’m trying hard to get a good translation and it all depends of the context and I think, in that specific context, it would be “mind and soul”, because it’s kinda a mix of the two, what do you think?
    Catherine @ La muse du ninja

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  3. Je suis très curieuse au sujet des 26 mots! Reasons for learning French are good, in today’s world, just being able to read mass media and online is already a huge cultural plus 🙂 French high-schools all over the world are good if you intend to go nomad with your family. I should know, that’s how I managed to get a good school education despite all my family’s roaming …

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