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Le Premier Bonheur — Song Lyric Sunday #LoIsInDaBlog

I’ve been thinking for a while of putting up a “French song of the Week” along with the lyrics and my own “translation” of them. (so forgive me if the translation is a bit “rough”…I’m just a learner!) Perhaps that’s what I can do just during “Love is in da Blog” ? Dear Bee has asked us to link up to Helen Espinosa’s “Song Lyric Sunday” during February.  One cool thing about learning a new language is that it comes with a whole new set of songs that I’ve never heard before! Some of them have become favorites, and some of them help me considerably  with the language.  This song is a simple love song by the famous French chanteuse Françoise Hardy. This one came out in 1963, which is before my time, but thanks to the magic of internet radio, it caught my attention due to its simple and easy melody, its beautifully poetic words (which I found that I could understand!) and Ms. Hardy’s velvety voice, which just sounds so…French! What do you think, chers lecteurs ? 

Le premier bonheur du jour  (The first happiness of the day)
C’est un ruban de soleil  (Is a ribbon of sunlight)
Qui s’enroule sur ta main (That winds around your hand)

Et caresse mon épaule (And caresses my shoulder)

C’est le souffle de la mer (It’s the breeze from the sea)
Et la plage qui attend (And the beach that waits)
C’est l’oiseau qui a chanté (It’s the bird that sang)
Sur la branche du figuier (On the branch of the fig tree)

Le premier chagrin du jour (The first sorrow of the day)
C’est la porte qui se ferme (Is the door that closes)
La voiture qui s’en va (The car that leaves)
Le silence qui s’installe (The silence that settles in )

Mais bien vite tu reviens (But pretty quickly you return)
Et ma vie reprend son cours (And my life returns to normal)
Le dernier bonheur du jour (The last happiness of the day)
C’est la lampe qui s’éteint (Is the lamp that goes out)


French Lyrics from, translation is my own. Thanks to Bee and Helen for this great idea!  Do you like this song? Is it a song that was familiar to you, or is it a “new” discovery for you like it was for me? 


P.S. YAYYY Broncos! 🙂

11 Responses to “Le Premier Bonheur — Song Lyric Sunday #LoIsInDaBlog”

  1. Bea dM

    Merci beaucoup pour ce rappel! Je connaissais cette chanson qui est ravissante, mais ne savais pas que c’était Françoise Hardy qui la chantait 🙂

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  2. Bee Halton

    Thanks for this beautiful post. I learned English a lot via songs. I think I should do that with French too 🙂

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  3. willowdot21

    I remember Françoise Hardy, and I probably did her this one because one of my older sisters had very continental tastes. She was always playing music ! This is a lovely song and though different it reminds me of The Day before you came, by ABBA. hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed hearing Françoise Hardy. Thank you. 🙂

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  4. Mél@nie

    j’adore Françoise depuis mon adolescence… an icon and a living legend… btw, she’s a January Cappy gal, like me! 🙂
    * * *
    my very best & tonnes d’inspiration, young lady! 🙂


  5. frederick anderson

    Ah, Francoise Hardy! How wonderful just to hear that voice again! I was always a fan. And yes, I can see that this song might be reminiscent of ‘The Day Before You Came’, which I tend to think of as ABBA at their best….

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