#LoIsInDaBlog – Tuesday Teaser

The Bee over at Just Foolin’ Around with Bee has given us some wonderful opportunities to talk about love with her February “Love is in da Blog!” On Tuesdays she has asked us to join in the “Teaser Tuesday” at A Daily Rhythm and talk about a book we love. Click that link for the rules.


I love so many books and read so many books! I have several in process at any given time, but my teaser is from one that I just “refound” thanks to Linda Hill’s “JusJoJan.”

The picture I started that day needs no description, for most of you have seen it in the Metropolitan Museum, in New York. …The museum calls it ‘Girl in a Black Dress,’ but to me it has always been simply Jennie.

–From “Portrait of Jennie” by Robert Nathan, pg 64


I hope this won’t break any “rules” but I will give you a second “Teaser.”  I did something on my recent trip to NYC which I love. I bought a book en français that is not for class, not for study, just pour lire! Et c’est un vrai plaisir pour moi. Je ne dois pas rechercher chaque mot que je ne connais pas, je ne dois pas écrire un résumé. L’histoire me fascine, et maintenant, à mon niveau de français, je peux presque tout comprendre sans dictionnaire. En tout cas je peux le relire plus tard ! 

Donc, voilà deux phrases de ce livre pour mes lecteurs qui aiment lire en français:

Je suis indiscret, mais je me demande pourquoi vous avez changé de prénom. 

— Je trouvais que Chantal c’était plus simple que Joséphine.” 

–pg 32, “Pour que tu ne te perdes pas dans le quartier”  par Patrick Modiano 


So there you go! Remember — Love is in da Blog!! ❤


10 thoughts on “#LoIsInDaBlog – Tuesday Teaser

    1. Hi KymPossible! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your link 🙂 Portrait of Jennie was made into a movie in 1948 and it really is a work of art. You can see it on YouTube!


  1. What mysterious ladies! Les femmes de vos deux extraits sont bien mystérieuses! I also read KYMPOSSIBLE’s teaser but can’t leave a comment – you have to access through a google account – mine’s private.

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    1. Oui, c’est vrai ! Moi, j’aime bien les femmes “mystérieuses” ! (btw…I was able to comment on KymPossible’s blog by clicking in that box that says google and it pops up a list, one of which is WP…)

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  2. Now that is a very sophisticated way of using both Teaser Tuesday and the #LoIsInDaBl prompt. I am impressed, and I proudly announce: I understood most of the French without a dictionary. My intense French course with Duolingo apparently bears fruit. I need to get back into it really. Thanks for this great post!

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