#JusJoJan — Felicity

Felicity is not a word that I use in my daily life, but I may start using it. I did a little  internet-ing about it and of course found that the Latin meaning of the adjective “felix” is “fruitful, blessed, happy, lucky.” How could such a word be bad, then?  Things that popped into my head were first of all, the potion in the Harry Potter books called “felix felicis” which would grant the user an uncommon portion of good luck. (although it was dangerous if improperly brewed or overused and lethal in large doses!) They called it “liquid luck” and Harry used it to learn someone’s secret. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll already know what I’m talking about, otherwise, I don’t think I’ve spoiled anything by saying that.


Of course, in French “félicitations” means “congratulations” but the noun “félicité” means “bliss”, and there is a verb form, too, “féliciter” (to congratulate). And then there was “Felix, the Cat” from Saturday morning cartoons with his magic bag of tricks. He seemed lucky, because things always worked out in his favor. Maybe that’s why he was called “Felix” !  “Felicitas” is the noun form of the word, meaning “divinely inspired productivity” and was also the name of a Roman goddess who embodied this characteristic!  I think “divinely inspired productivity” is a good definition of “luck.”


Luck is a strange thing. I don’t really understand it in fact. Some say that we make our own luck, and to a certain degree I believe that. For instance, I just ordered some items from the Goulet Pen company. I love this company, which sells fountain pens, inks, fine papers and other Pen-related fun stuff. I love them because they sell quality products, but also because they make sure it gets to you in perfect condition. Unboxing a package from Goulet is like unearthing a hidden treasure. They pack it so well that even the best efforts by the post to destroy the box will fail. I have proof.




They always include a card placed by the packer that tells you that it was packed with a “slightly ridiculous amount of care.” And it’s true. Inside that damaged box were three paperbound notebooks, a glass dip pen, and a vacuum-fill fountain pen. And a tootsie pop. They always put a tootsie pop. All  perfectly undamaged. Some might call that luck, but I know that Goulet creates this luck with bubble wrap. I think you could say that they wrap their packages in “felicitas.”  No, they didn’t pay me to say this. However, I highly recommend them 🙂 So…was it lucky that my items were not damaged, or did I simply mitigate the threat of an unfortunate postal journey by ordering from a company known for packing with care?


Alors, chers lecteurs,  what do you think about luck? Do we make our own luck or do we just happen upon it?  Keeping in mind that you are not allowed to use the potion to win competitions…If you could have a bottle of Harry Potter’s felix felicis, how would you use it?



Almost late for #JusJoJan again! But it was still Friday when I started writing, so I think that technically I haven’t missed my opportunity 🙂

Félicitations! Vous trouvez les règles. Cliquez ici.
Félicitations! Vous trouvez les règles. Cliquez ici.

3 thoughts on “#JusJoJan — Felicity

  1. Hi, “happiness” in Italian is “felicità”! but you also have variations in meaning, as in “it was a “felice” coincidence” where it would mean apt, felicitous. I believe we create our own good luck, as in “Bad luck comes one’s mouth, good luck from one’s heart” – Buddhist proverb 🙂

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