#JusJoJan — Climate

Climate? I see all kinds of climates in the course of my work, but I do really like my home climate. It’s really quite dry here, and very close to the Colorado Plateau region (where I grew up) that is considered “high desert.”   Because I grew up here I really don’t care for extremely humid climates. A little bit of humidity is ok, but a lot of humidity makes my hair go berserk and irritates my skin. A long time ago we went to a wedding in the Dominican Republic, and while it was fascinating, I came home covered in red hives from having to use sunscreen and insect repellant every day and then to be sticky on top of that from the humidity. In the summer sometimes I stay in hotels in humid areas where I open the little soap boxes in the rooms and find the soap already wet just from the humidity. Nothing ever seems dry in these places, and in the summer it is hot and clammy outside, but turning on the air conditioner just makes it cold and clammy inside.


The region I live in is dry, and has a lot of desert-y features, but is home to many different plants and animals. We have rivers, lakes, mountains, snow and rain (although not so much as humid climates) and all four seasons.  There are a ton of famous National Parks featuring interesting rock formations, but there are also a lot of ski areas and forested mountains. I love the forest-y parts with all the trees, but I find the desert here quite beautiful too. Even though it looks “brown” from the air, when compared to humid climates like you find in the Eastern US, it is really very colorful even in its austerity. I think it is peaceful.

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What climate do you prefer? Do you think we all love the climate we grew up in the best?


This is for #JusJoJan by Linda G Hill… I just made it on the 19th! Yay! 

The rules create a positive climate for blogging. Click here to find them!
The rules create a positive climate for blogging. Click here to find them!

4 thoughts on “#JusJoJan — Climate

  1. I grew up in lots of climates, so my preferences seemed linked to places I was happiest in: Alps in winter-time skiing season which used to be cold, crisp and sunny, and French Atlantic in summer which was never too hot, sometimes rainy too but always breezy… Ahh! Rome has pretty good climate, with more sun than rain, so it’s pleasant most of the year but also humid and some summers are downright tropical.

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  2. I guess it’s just what you’re used to. My wife is from Michigan and she’s always complaining about the damp climate in the UK (this, despite the fact she’d be under three feet of snow if she was back there) but I never really think about it, I’m just glad it’s not snowing.

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