#JusJoJan — Insanely Effortless

I promised two “twofers” to make up for the time I spent checking out NYC with my husband, so here is the second of those, which I believe will render me officially “caught up” with #JusJoJan  🙂


For January 10th and 11th, the prompt words were “Sane” and “Effortless.”  (click on the words to get to the respective prompts) So I decided to try to put them together. This phrase “Insanely Effortless” came to my mind. I have been thinking a lot lately about efforts and about how noticeably successful people make their art or their business or their skill look insanely effortless. I say “insanely” effortless because of course these skills or arts that others admire most often require an insane amount of effort and pure talent. I have to say that a skill I covet is that skill of making effort-full things appear effortless. I think I mentioned about how I decided to get back into studying flute? One reason I chose to do that is to pursue the skill of making something effort-full appear effortless. It is, I believe, an integral part of the “French School of the Flute.” My new prof has told me this in fact. He said, (and this is a paraphrase) that we must make people believe that it is very easy, we must make it very easy to listen to. If someone listens and says, “Oooh…it’s good, but look what do you have to do with the breathing, ooohh, how difficult it must be to play the flute with all those high notes and all that! ”  That’s no good! You must make it so they come and they say, “Wow, it’s so easy, to play the flute, I could do the same thing!”


The important part is that it seems to be  effortless, easy, no problem! So that applies to music and art, yes, but I am noticing more and more how much that applies to all of life. That lady who can have a dinner party at her home at the drop of a hat, serve 4 delicious courses that all look like they came from a Michelin-star restaurant with the proper wine to go with each one, who glides through her home as if she were an Olympic figure skater doing her routine, perfectly timed and executed? She has that talent. The man who orchestrates a week-long camp for 200 teenaged kids to learn science, who can book speakers and organize activities and somehow manage to please 200 adolescents and their parents, not forgetting any details, and rounding the whole thing off with an exposition of what the kids learned? He has that talent.  Even that woman that you work with who manages to look put-together all the time, even when she is going to the gym? Her too.


I think the French (and everyone else for that matter!) call this thing “je ne sais quoi”  — “I don’t know what.”   What I really want to know is, do the people who have this quality know they have it? If one day I manage to catch it, will I realize it? Hmmm…

2 thoughts on “#JusJoJan — Insanely Effortless

  1. The “je ne sais quoi” is a good way to put it, I’ll add that these talented people do all these things … “l’air de rien”, which comes to mind because of the name of the INSANELY (those are capital letters) expensive perfume I received for Xmas 🙂

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