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#JusJoJan — Twofers

The Honorable thing to do would be to somehow make up for the days of  #JusJoJan that I missed this weekend because my husband and I decided to take off and spend a day and a half in NYC. So in that spirit, I will offer two “Twofer” posts, which will cover the four prompts that I missed while I was discovering for the first time one of the most fabulous cities I have visited so far in my life.  Today’s “twofer” includes the Jan 8th prompt, “honorable” and the Jan 9th and SoCS prompt, “title.”

We decided to go to NYC for the weekend just to see what it was like because we’ve never been there. We tried to do certain “iconic” New-York-y things while we were there. One thing that just screams “New York” is Broadway. Now, buying full-price tickets to a Broadway show can get a little pricey. But never fear! The Broadway producers and the non-profit “Theater Development Fund” have come up with a way for everyone to have a chance to see these shows by offering “Twofers” on the day of the performance. It works like this: you go stand in this line at a booth in Times Square and you are offered the chance to buy same-day tickets for a number of popular Broadway shows at up to 50% off, thus many of them are indeed “two for one.” We stood in the line (which really went very quickly even though it looked long!) and scored tickets to the Broadway production of “Matilda.” It was amazing. The actors are so talented and most of them were kids (obviously!).  We had a great time. So that is my “Title” for the JusJoJan prompt. “Matilda.” I loved the book, I loved the movie, and I loved the musical play. IMG_4313


The hotel we stayed at was just a couple blocks from Times Square and the concierge/front desk lady was fabulous. She said that word a lot, “fabulous.”   Her name was Esprit, which seemed perfect for her outgoing personality. She practically sang the word “fabulous” in speaking to us about how she hoped our trip to NYC would be. She made reservations for us at a fabulous restaurant Friday night, and it was pretty amazing, I have to say. It was a seafood restaurant called the Seafire Grill, and I would definitely recommend it!


Alors, there is your first “twofer”.  I hope you’ll think that this is an “honorable” way to make up my missing JusJoJan posts!


à demain!

The honorable thing to do would be to click here for the rules!

The honorable thing to do would be to click here for the rules!



4 Responses to “#JusJoJan — Twofers”

  1. George

    It’s too bad Broadway tickets have gotten out of control. The Tix Booth at Times Square is a good alternative but you don’t always get to see some of the more current shows which are now 150.00 or so a ticket. Still, there’s nothing really like a Broadway Play. Glad you had an enjoyable experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jetgirlcos

      They had a pretty decent choice this weekend…I think the newest one available for discount might have been “Something Rotten” which I have heard great things about. It’s on my list now!

      Liked by 1 person


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