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In Memory of Sandy — #JusJoJan 2016

For the 4th of January, I must “jot” something about dachshunds. What? Well, I really only think of one thing when I think of dachshunds and that is my friend Sandy. I worked with her many many years ago when I was a receptionist at an animal hospital, and she became a very special friend to me. She always had dachshunds, and it really bugged her when anyone called them “wiener dogs.”  She used to dog-sit our greyhounds from time to time, and my girl greyhound liked to use one of her dachshunds as a pillow. It was so so cute! I think of her anytime I see a funny greeting card with a “wiener dog” on it, and wish I could send her that card. Sadly, we lost Sandy to cancer, oh, I can’t believe it but I think it’s been about 8 years now.  Sandy was a smart lady, hard worker, loved to have fun…she was a top-notch photographer and painter as well. For me, dachshunds will always be about Sandy.

Garnet and Sigatoo


This post is part of Linda G Hill’s fantastique “Just Jot it January.” Click and see what it’s all about!

You don’t need a dachshund to dig out the rules…just click!


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