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SoCS — Lonely socks

The day after Christmas, when all the stockings are empty…  But honestly, when I saw Linda’s prompt for today I thought of two things: First of all, “cozy.” I love those really fuzzy fluffy socks. I wear them when I laze around the house. If I don’t, I get in trouble from my husband, who seems to think that it is somehow wrong for me to use him as a “foot-warmer.” Personally, I don’t see what’s wrong with that…wasn’t that part of the standard marriage contract?

But secondly, I thought about all the lost socks of the world. Where do they go? How do they come to be lost? I see single socks quite often laying on sidewalks or in the middle of roads, or in airports. I wonder where the owners are, and how it was that they somehow lost a single sock. Didn’t they notice the socklessness of the remaining foot? Did they see something that frightened them right out of their socks and ran away before retrieving both socks? Did their child pull the sock out of their gym bag and laugh maliciously while tossing it behind them as they walked? Do they arrive there on their own power, having escaped from the plane of existence that houses the socks that get abducted from laundry rooms the world over? Bizarre.
lost sock
This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”  — Click and read, click and join in! Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “indescribable.”  Use the actual word in your post or just base your post on something that defies description. My suggestion on this one; think about something that you’re passionate about and just start writing. Have fun!





13 Responses to “SoCS — Lonely socks”

  1. summerstommy2

    Its funny you know but all the women I have been connected with had the same attitude to you about our worth as foot warmers……its an eternal problem Kelli the missing sock….thankfully none of us are spared from it…..enjoyed your post very much….hope Christmas was a good one for you…


  2. John Holton

    The socks you find at the airport probably fall out of someone’s luggage. Funny, as much time as I’ve spent in airports over the years, I’ve never seen any socks… I know sometimes they give them to passengers on international flights, maybe they’re left behind from them.

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    • jetgirlcos

      That’s probable. I see socks in a lot of strange places. I have a collection of pictures of them. I also once saw a lone dress shoe in the Houston airport, right next to the inter-terminal train. I have an image of a guy in a tux running for the train, barely making it inside as his left shoe remained behind him as he lept inside…


      • John Holton

        What used to puzzle me was, when I lived in Chicago, I’d find a single shoe, on the street or the sidewalk, often in areas where was little foot traffic. Probably the same kind of thing. Also, pairs of shoes tied together and hanging from an overhead power or telephone line…


  3. Bea dM

    You forgot about socks that actually get lost forever in one’s home! Many a times the only explanation is that elves do exist haha 🙂


  4. shanjeniah

    My friend Sylvia thinks that those odd socks turn into pigeons….so maybe these are mid-transformation? =)

    My spouse will only let me use him as a foot-warmer in bed, so I suspect a hefty dose of Ulterior Motives!

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  5. Le génie

    Il suffit de suivre les chaussettes de Noël comme le petit Poucet et ses cailloux pour savoir où elles vont
    et surtout qui les porte après leur période de fête !
    En espérant que ces fêtes se sont bien passées pour toi !! 🙂

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