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SoCS — Books!

Bookstores. I fear that this is an endangered species, but I love them! I find a bookstore in every city, and I usually find something delicious in each one. Sometimes these things follow me home, sometimes they don’t. Ok, mostly they do. Books are like puppies, they need attention. My husband and I spent the weekend in downtown Denver, where we attended the “Bavarian Christmas” concert by St. Martin’s Chamber Choir at the beautiful St. John’s Cathedral.  The concert was absolutely glorious. Yes, while much of the world was going to a galaxy far far away, we stayed right here and had what I think was an even better experience. This choir is amazing. Highly recommend.

But getting back to the “store” — We stayed downtown Denver and explored “LoDo” and the 16th street mall, ate some really good food, and went to the Tattered Cover Bookstore, which is a lovely independent bookstore. A couple of magazines found their way into my bag, as well as a little book for my husband about how to order, talk about, describe and experience food in France. He has little goals with his French language learning, you see, and the first and arguably most important is all about food 🙂 Pourquoi pas ? C’est utile, d’être capable de commander au restaurant…

I love all bookstores, even online ones, but independent and used bookstores are my faves. There’s a little town called Sidney-by-the-Sea on Vancouver Island, in B.C. Canada, where there are something like six bookstores in a tiny little downtown of only a dozen blocks or so. I love this place. I found one of my favorite bookstores of all time there, called the “Haunted Bookstore.” Just go there. You have to experience it in person.

I love finding unusual and interesting used books, especially ones in which other people have left their notes or odd little bookmarks. You’ll see my most unusual find in my gravatar picture. I wrote about it here, after our trip to France last year.

Anyway, Linda’s prompt du jour just made me think of my favorite kind of store. And now I shall go to bed and read 🙂 for just a few minutes before it isn’t Saturday anymore…

Bonne nuit…

This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”  — Click and read, click and join in! Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “store.”  Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!





14 Responses to “SoCS — Books!”

  1. Bea dM

    Not surprised that bookstores are top of your list – I suspect a lot of us here feel and act the same way. The biggest pain for me about living in Italy is that most bookstores obviously only stock books in Italian, which is a language I don’t “pleasure read” in. There IS one international bookstore downtown that I make a beeline for if I’m anywhere in a range of even an hour’s walk. Most books are in English, but lots in French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Delight! I don’t think I’ve ever walked out empty-handed 🙂 By the way, you and your husband might enjoy dropping into a relatively new gorgeous food-in-France blog I found recently

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  2. herheadache

    Ah, my favourite store too.
    I am here in Ontario, Canada. Will have to remember the name of that bookstore you mention out west, if or when I make it out there.

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  3. Le Génie

    Hum tu finis l’année en pensant à de belles choses…
    et en parlant de belles choses, le site proposé par Bea a des photos magnifiques dont certaines sont de ma ville (la cathédrale en pierres grises (et non noires) de volcans )…

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  4. LindaGHill

    If I ever get back out to the west coast I’ll definitely check out the little town you mentioned. Sounds heavenly. I’m like you, I can’t pass up a book store!

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