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#tuesdayuseitinasentence — Enthral

Tuesday Use it in a Sentence ! <–Click to join in!

How could I have been so enthralled by someone who was so clearly a charlatan?”

…and what was I so enthralled by that I let go almost a whole week before submitting my “Tuesday” sentence??? Bad Jetgirl!  Better late than never?

This prompt was created by the fabulous Linda G. Hill at Life in Progress, but with her busy schedule she gave it into the capable hands of MLW at A Word Adventure, who in turn has hired me on as an assistant!  Thanks, MLW 🙂

Find the prompt rules Here at MLW’s site, and don’t forget to ping back and post to any social media you’d like to!


2 Responses to “#tuesdayuseitinasentence — Enthral”

  1. Le Génie

    Toujours difficile pour moi de comprendre les réelles implications d’une telle phrase (traduction et contexte culturel) …
    Aussi, parle-t-elle du Père Noël ?? 🙂



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