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SoCS — All that stuff!

So, with Linda being away, I read Pav’s guest post, wherein he offers the prompt “stuff” for today, with certain caveats involving getting one’s blog “horked” on, so I will respect that and move on.

Stuff. Stuff everywhere. Right now my house is in a bit of disarray, despite my having read and adhered to (to the best of my weak ability) the best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. It’s  a great book, really it is. And I gleaned and used a lot from it. I have begun to hone my ability to get rid of a lot of the extraneous “stuff” in my life because of reading it! I’ve really done pretty well, all things considered. I got rid of tons of clothes (how many black skirts does one girl really *need*?) and tons of kitchen gadgets (can you say “no single taskers in my kitchen” #AltonBrown !)  I just can’t seem to do any real purging when it comes to books. And fountain pens. And pretty papers and inks.


I have a lot of stuff, but in general I dislike “stuff.” I detest carrying “stuff” around, and partially because of my job and having to sometimes change airplanes three times in a day, I have become as streamlined as possible when I travel. Heck, I went to France for a month with a tote bag and a carry-on roller bag. Pas de problème ! 


Anyway, yesterday was the dreaded and infamous “Black Friday” here in the US. This is all about “stuff.” How much stuff can you buy for cheap, that is! People rushing about, pushing and shoving to get that last “Tickle me Elmo” doll or whatever the trend du jour might be that year. People all over the roads, filling the parking lots (side note: many years ago I had the strange job of flying a “traffic watch” plane for the news here in the city and one odd thing I had to do was to go up and fly over shopping centers on Black Friday, with the reporter in the back seat reporting parking lot fullness and traffic jams getting into said shopping centers. Weird.) driving crazy all over the roads, and in general it’s just a good day to stay inside if possible.


Of course here in Colorado Springs, Black Friday got even blacker for the folks affected by the shooting at a local Planned Parenthood, which you may have seen on your own news. I even saw it on the French news stream on Twitter. Nobody really knows what the guy’s motivation was yet, but it was terrifying to watch it unfold on TV and on Twitter. There are definitely all kinds of crazy in the world and my heart really goes out to the victims of yesterday’s shooting.


Terrifying events aside, I have preferred “Cyber-Monday” to “Black Friday” for years now, but even that is just a consumerism hell. There was even the somewhat extreme backlash in the form of “Buy Nothing Day” in response to this over-the-top consuming. But although I didn’t participate in the actual “Black Friday” feeding frenzy, we did walk in the freezing cold and snow on icy roads to have Chinese Food. That was good.


Today, my husband and I did something a little different. Today was “Small Business Saturday” which encourages shoppers to, well, support local small businesses. So we  went downtown and we bought several gifts from our local small businesses. It was fun! We do have several favorites, but don’t really shop downtown all that often (shamefully).  We ran into some really cool friends of ours and chatted for a while, which was awesome. I had an interesting and delicious “Spearmint caramel tea latte” and I got to look at books, cards, knick-knacks, clothes, and games. I can’t say what we bought in case some of the recipients of these things could be reading this, but we got some cool stuff!


Ok, I’ll tell you one cool thing that we got. Sriracha sauce made by “Jojo.” <–click there to find it. Really. If you love spicy you won’t regret it.  This lady and her amazing sauce have gotten all kinds of amazing press (you can see on her site) and now, she lives in Denver, which is very very close to us, and she will be selling her sauce in one of our own local stores. (yay!)  We walked into our favorite kitchen store and the saleslady said, “They’re doing a sriracha tasting over there.” So we walked over and tried it. So Good! Small batch, just full of natural tastiness. And we got to meet JoJo herself, too! Pretty cool. We bought one red and one green and barely got in the door at home before my husband had started concocting a creamy green sriracha dip with mayo, sour cream and the green sriracha sauce. I think also some peppercorn seasoning of some sort from Penzeys too. It was really good with potato chips! Me, I am looking forward to smearing some of it on a nice thick grilled pork chop. That just sounds good.


Jojos sauce

Anyway, I’ll stop now. Don’t know how I got from “too much stuff in my house” to “must put sriracha on all kinds of stuff.” Strange post. très bizarre, le SoCS, n’est-ce pas ?


Et vous, chers lecteurs?  Do you like being surrounded by stuff, or do you dream of a clutter-free environment like I do? Do you hate carrying lots of stuff around with you? Do you think our society loves stuff more than people? Do you put delicious spicy sauces on all kinds of stuff? Dites-moi ! J’adore vos commentaires! 

p.s. oops. Pav said not to actually mention “sauce” and look what I did. Of course he should realize that if you tell someone to not think of something, they think of it even more! Sorry Pav. Please don’t hork on my blog. 


This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”  — Click and read, click and join in! Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “stuff.”  Have fun!







11 Responses to “SoCS — All that stuff!”

  1. willowdot21

    great post full of stuff! Did you mean there has been another shooting recently, I did not know and will look it up. Condolences to all.
    I hate Black Friday it has cought on over here and seems to have lasted all week! Well done supporting your local traders. xx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Bea dM

    The Marie Kondo book I pick up each time I see it, I might end up buying it on your recommendation 🙂 Dejunking is one of my nightmares as my ideals are pretty zen but reality means slowly but surely accumulating stuff anyway. Books I try to donate regularly, but it’s such a hassle finding schools/libraries that will accept non-Italian novels, and lugging the cartons there is a pain. Clothes I’m lazy about ’cause you have to try them on first to remember what they even look like on you 😦 Italians are conventional about their sauces, so at least the kitchen is safe from overflow.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jetgirlcos

      I did like that book. I found some of it a little corny but the ideas are all good and I now look at each thing I acquire in a different way. Unfortunately, although I gave up a lot of books, I do keep acquiring them. Not “regular” novel-type ones (I get those on Kindle) but “special” ones, “rare” ones, many books in French, and certain “journal” type ones keep sneaking into the house when I am not looking and then I don’t have the heart to ask them to leave 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. dalecooper57

    I’ve moved three times into progressively smaller accommodation in the space of a year. That certainly encourages the jettisoning of stuff and clutter.
    Although; (deep breath) losing your home, getting into debt, falling in love on Facebook with a woman from four thousand miles away, going through prolonged and agonising kafka-esque bureaucratic nightmares with immigration officials, “importing” a whole new family from America, moving in together, getting married and getting further into debt might not be for everyone, I’ve found it’s a great way of streamlining.

    Oh, and being hopelessly in love and deliriously happy of course.

    Liked by 1 person


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