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SoCS — Prayer

I am indescribably sad, angry, and outraged at the violence in Paris yesterday. I really don’t know what to say except for that I am praying for them. I know there are those out there who don’t want to hear that, who don’t want to be “prayed for,” but as a Christian person, it’s my heartfelt reaction.


Comfort in times of tragedy is hard to come by, but prayer is the only thing I can think of that could really bring that comfort, because despite all the terror in the world, God is indescribably good. Despite all my flaws, he still offers forgiveness to me every day, a pardon that I can never earn in a million years. So because of this, yes, I pray for all kinds of people to have that kind of assurance as well, when tragedy strikes, and even on all the days when it doesn’t, on the days I need to remember to be thankful that an attack like this didn’t  happen.


It’s funny that some people think that’s a bad thing, to be prayed for. Even if they don’t personally believe in God, or in Christianity, I want them to know that by praying for them, I am giving them the best thing I have to offer. I want for them to also have the best thing that ever happened to me. That’s all. And I ask God for that because He is the only one capable of giving it.


You know, I had a co-worker once, and he loved coffee more than anything in the world. He would absolutely do just about anything in his power to have his coffee before departing on a flight. It was Important to him. Important with a capital “I”.  This guy didn’t always get along with everyone, and had something of  a “reputation” for being difficult to work with, in fact. But I liked him, and this is why: We had a flight attendant once who continuously delayed our first flights on a particular trip because she failed to get out of bed and get to the airport van in time. We have to be on a schedule, what we really sell is Time. So this was completely her fault for not being responsible enough to show up on time. We had to call her from the hotel lobby and tell her she was late and that she was making us all late. However. The guy in question, once she showed up, rather flustered and still putting on her makeup, bought her A Coffee.  She had no idea what a Big Deal this was. He was taking care of her, because he wanted her to have what was most Important in the world to him. He thought that if she only had this thing that he valued above almost everything else, that she could do better tomorrow. He didn’t yell at her, he just Gave Her a Coffee. So, do you think she was grateful? Not at all. She didn’t even say thank you. She had no clue that he just gave her something that he valued highly. I appreciate this guy because he didn’t gripe about her lack of gratitude, but held out hope that it would somehow help her the next day.


Another thing he valued highly was a quiet room at the hotel. Quite often hotels tend to give flight crews the rooms that they couldn’t ordinarily sell, or the “less desirable” ones, next to the elevators, ice machines, exhaust fans, laundry rooms…you get the idea. But if you ask, they’ll realize that you know this and give you a quieter room sometimes. I remember a time when we were checking in to the hotel and this guy looked at the map to see where our rooms would be. He turned around abruptly and said very loudly to our flight attendant, “Jeff! They put you next to the elevator! Do you want me to make them give you a better room??” Jeff was embarrassed and said no, it was alright. But you see, regardless of the fact that he didn’t have so much tact in saying this loudly in the hotel lobby, this co-worker was taking care of Jeff. He wanted Jeff to have what he wanted for himself. And perhaps that is what I want people to know when they say they don’t want to be “prayed for.”  Even though Jeff declined the offer, he still made the offer out of a sense of caring and friendship.


When a Christian prays for someone, they are wishing for that person to have the thing that is most important in their own life. And it is their way of caring for them. So in that spirit I pray for all kinds of people. I just want them all to have the thing that I value most in my life.  When I saw the prompt today I thought of this song:

And then I read about the attacks. In response to that, I can do nothing but pray for us all to be able to see God’s Indescribable goodness, even in times of sorrow, even if only in His creation.



This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”  — Click and read, click and join in! Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “indescribable.”  Use the actual word in your post or just base your post on something that defies description. My suggestion on this one; think about something that you’re passionate about and just start writing. Have fun!








6 Responses to “SoCS — Prayer”

  1. Bea dM

    Different languages have different words, different cultures have different concepts, we all have our own internal words, images and feelings. Offering up Christian prayers is a beautiful way of doing your utmost for your fellow humans when no physical actions are possible. Into other traditions or for non-Christians, you could translate it into sending positive, caring and healing thoughts and vibrations to those in pain…. Matter is made of vibrations, so prayers should be pretty powerful.

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  2. Sammy D.

    Kelli, I thought of you immediately and our mutual affection for Parisians. Prayers give us strength and carry thar strength beyond our physical ability to reach out in times of need or sorrow. Yours will be well received in the days ahead.

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  3. LindaGHill

    You did a beautiful job of explaining what it means to be prayed for, and how those of us with heartfelt compassion constantly wish to give back what gives us comfort. We must give all the healing energy that we possess to all of those in pain – that give and take is what makes us all human.

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  4. Le Génie

    A chaque événement bon ou mauvais, multiples réactions…
    Comment nous y retrouver dans ce flot que chacun déverse à tout propos ?
    Peut-être qu’il n’y a pas d’issue ici bas… ?

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