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SoCS — Where’s the beef?

So once again, I get my entry for SoCS in right at the deadline. You know, I’ve been thinking of “beef” all day, and not been particularly inspired to write anything about it. All I could think of at first was the old tv commercial (yes, I’m dating myself, I know!) for Wendy’s. Yep. “Where’s the beef?”

Then as I went through my daily errands, I went to the spice store and found some good seasoning for…beef, which made me think of my husband’s secret recipe for delicious tri-tip roast. (for those of you who don’t know, the tri-tip is a sort of sirloin roast, popularized in Santa Maria, California. According to Wiki, this cut is called “aiguillette baronne” in France, in case you were interested)  Ok, it isn’t really a secret, since he’ll tell anyone who asks what is in the rub. Then we went to Whole Foods where we were offered a taste of an English cheese with chives in it.  As a result of that, we decided to have burgers tomorrow night and put this cheese on them. I think it will be pretty good. So my husband remembered to thaw out some ground beef when we got home. I made hamburger buns and froze them a few weeks ago. I’m sure we will have the right “beef to bun” ratio.

I like beef, it can be quite delicious when cooked properly. And for the record, that is usually “medium rare.”

The "Not-so-secret" tri-tip recipe!

The “Not-so-secret” tri-tip recipe!

It just isn’t so easy for me to write anything interesting about beef.  Mostly my husband prepares and cooks the beef. I’m usually making salad or pasta or something else for the dinner. One time, we bought this really tiny and really expensive piece of “American Kobe-style” steak. I cooked it because he was at karate practice. I was a little terrified, because of the price of it, and I spent at least an hour researching how best to do it. Finally, the best way for me to cook a steak involves a very hot cast iron skillet, some oil, salt and pepper, and the oven. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes. If you want the instructions, you can find it HERE. <–click 🙂


Well, je suis désolée, mes chers lecteurs. This week’s “SoCS” was not very “beefy.” And, in the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”



This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”  — Click and read, click and join in! Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “beef.”  Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!








7 Responses to “SoCS — Where’s the beef?”

  1. Keith Channing

    Hmmm. Medium rare; that must be mi-saignant. I prefer saignant; an old friend of mine used to order steak with the words “If I cut it, it should bleed”.


  2. Myas

    I have to say that expression, “where’s the beef” was brought back to life for me when I saw the movie “Guardians Of The Galaxy”. Here’s Chris Pratt dancing through the cavern to “Come and Get Your Love” as he’s looking for his prize and watching him I kept thinking ‘ he’s not big muscle-y, not skinny, he’s nice though, how would I describe him…” at which point those ladies demanding ‘where’s the beef’ popped to mind and I thought “beefy – there’s the beef” !


  3. John Holton

    I think the broiler-stovetop-oven method is the way Alton Brown suggests cooking steak. Looks great, and I bet it tastes good, too!

    Love that commercial… I used it, too. I think the best line is, “I don’t think anybody’s back there.”


  4. Le génie

    Humm encore un post qui va faire un effet boeuf !!
    Faire le boeuf est aussi une expression en musique…


  5. LindaGHill

    Mmmm, looks delicious! Nothing like a nice slab of beef. 😀 And the bun to burger ratio thing – the bread companies really need to get it together with the meat packing companies. And don’t even get me started on hot dog buns! hehe

    Liked by 1 person


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