La vie est belle !

That glowing screen…

From sleep’s soft silence

Come vibrant violet visions

Amethyst dreamer

Insides of a Amethyst Geode

Bonjour Chers lecteurs,

I sort of failed miserably at the last writing course offered by Blogging U.  So I am trying again. This time the subject is poetry. I love poetry, even if I’m too dense to “get it” sometimes. I decided I’d at least try my hand at it, and it gives me some prompts for writing, some ways to kind of get my blog “back on track” so to speak. I’ve been seriously lacking energy recently, and my poor blog has taken the brunt of it.

Anyway, for this course they are giving out 10 “assignments” each containing a word prompt, a poetic form, and a poetic device. They’ve left it up to us to use these or not, mix and match, or whatever. This is my answer to day 1 (see…I’m already a day behind in publishing, but I promise I was thinking about this on the actual “day 1.” )

Prompt: screen

Form: haiku

Device: alliteration

I always welcome criticism, the idea of this is to learn to write poetry.  So don’t be shy, go ahead and be ruthless if you’d like to be. The current background photo on my screen is the inside of an amethyst geode, so that’s how I used “screen” and came up with what you see above!

à bientôt !




23 Responses to “That glowing screen…”

  1. A Humble Shadow

    Nice, short and carries it off well

    And you can never fail at writing, as long you do it for yourself
    I still get ‘been’ and ‘being’ messed up after all these years!

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  2. Sammy D.

    It’s a very serene haiku, Kelli.

    As for taking a ‘leave’ from Blogging U, don’t beat yourself up for not following through on every intention. We all take detours – some by choice and some by necessity.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. willowdot21

    The Haiku is lovely the only thing is , and I am being brutally honest and pedantic the second line has 8 syllables. Violet has three syllables, Vi-O- Let .
    It is however a beautiful Haiku! xxxxx

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    • jetgirlcos

      interesting! You know, when I read it to myself, I think I pronounce “violet” with only two syllables…more like “Vi-lette” Which reminds me of another funny story one of my profs told us in college. But that’s for another post. Maybe. Thanks for the input, Willow. I’ll give that some thought and see if I could make it a “universal” 7-syllable line. 🙂


      • Bea dM

        the “O” is technically there, but I agree with you that when you read through it’s not really a separate syllable. Lovely Haiku and picture. Keeping up with a Blogging U course is really tough. How brave of you to go for another one, and poetry at that!


      • willowdot21

        Maybe it s because of our language difference… I know we both speak English! But I did double check violet, all that said it is a lovely and literal Haiku. xxxxxx

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