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Writing 101: A Kick in the Pants!

Writing 101

I had such good intentions. I was going to do the “Writing 101″ challenge from the Daily Post. I really thought that it would be the kick in the pants that I needed to get my blog re-charged. I was excited to receive that first prompt in my email box. And then I got the second one. And the third one. Piling up like homework assignments that I “meant to do.” I realized all of a sudden, that there were nine of them.

Writing 101
Writing 101


All that being said, today, the day of the ninth assignment, I am finally beginning. I hope it isn’t “against the rules,” but I have had a rough start to September. I’m joining the party a little late, so I am combining some of the prompts!

Thus for my first contribution, I offer you, chers lecteurs, a list of “Why I Write.” (combining the first two assignments)

I really have not written much this month, and certainly not here on Forty, C’est Fantasique. I have missed my favorite prompts several weeks in a row. Not that I don’t want to, but my work schedule has gone all wonky and my “writing habits” have gotten disturbed somewhat. The desire to write is still there, but alas life happens and this has sapped my energy for writing. I am fighting this because I love writing, and my little blog-space, and mes chers lecteurs !


Why do I write? A List:

1. I love words. I love learning them, playing with them, reading them…

2. I am forgetful. I write because I am forgetful. Writing things down is a way for me to preserve thoughts, memories, and events. In fact, if a picture is indeed “worth a thousand words,” then it stands to reason that a thousand words can create a picture!

3. I write because it is an activity which allows me to express myself without having to worry about my hopeless social awkwardness.

4. When I write, I can think about the same words over and over.

5. With my blog, I can use writing to connect with some pretty terrific people!

6. I write to learn. Writing a journal in French helps me to learn from and correct my mistakes. Writing down anything I need to retain helps me to cement it into my memory. Not typing, but real pen & paper writing. These days I do the large majority of my hand-writing in French, which makes it seem almost strange to write on a piece of paper in English. How bizarre is that?!?!

7. Finally, I write simply because it is a pleasure. I don’t have any illusions of being a “real author.” I am pleased when people read what I write, and I love hearing what my readers think in the comments. For me, it is a good brain exercise, and I love to try new things. Stream-of-consciousness-type blog posts are what I do most, but I do like to dabble in poetry a bit, and I would love to try out a little fiction, too. Why not? Challenge = growth!


So here I end the first two assignments, in an attempt to “catch up” with the “Writing 101” folks. Thanks for reading along, and now I must go and make some further attempts to reach the ninth assignment!

à bientôt, chers lecteurs!



4 Responses to “Writing 101: A Kick in the Pants!”

  1. Cheri Lucas Rowlands

    Thanks for joining in — it’s never too late 🙂

    I’d suggest saving the first batch of assignments (days 1-9) for the future, for a rainy day when you need ideas on what to write. You can start on the prompt we’re currently on, so it allows you to roughly be at the same place as the majority of others in the course, in case you want to engage in some of the more current discussions in the Commons.

    That said, it’s totally up to you, and there’s no wrong or right way to do this course! Go at your own pace and pick and choose the prompts you’d like to answer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jetgirlcos

      Perfect! I like the “save for a rainy day” idea very much! So I will happily skip ahead to today’s prompt, like a flat stone on a glassy lake 🙂


  2. Le Génie

    Hum j’en sais plus sur tes motivations et tes moyens…
    Quant à moi ce “prompt” m’a permis de rattraper mon retard, dû à mon mariage et voyage de noces, à réagir ou penser sur tes écrits.
    Ne tenant pas de blog et étant un homme de l’ombre, ces quelques mots sont les seuls que je laisse errer sur Internet….

    Liked by 1 person


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