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“L’esprit percoit ce que les yeux ne peuvent voir.” 

(“The mind perceives what the eyes cannot see.”)


Ahh…SoCS. Every week Linda puts forth a thought-provoking topic like this. And what better topic for “Stream of Consciousness?” By definition a stream of consciousness is (according to Wiki) a “a narrative mode, or device, that seeks “to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind.”  Today you get to follow my mind as I ponder Linda’s prompt. So first I thought, “What is a ‘mind’?”  So, of course I typed “mind” into ye olde search engine. It thoughtfully directed me to WordReference, where I discovered that “mind” can be translated as “esprit” in French. (among other options, depending on usage and context, of course), but “esprit” was the first entry, which gave the sample sentence that I highlighted above. I like that, and I think it’s true. (I love the word “esprit”…it’s a beautiful word in French, with many nuances.)

These days, when I think “mind” I think of my dad, who is living with a serious form of dementia, and can no longer take care of himself. I am fortunate because he still recognizes us family members and some friends, too.  It’s really hard to see him like this; he is a really smart man, a doctor, someone who has relied on his astounding memory for his whole life. And now he can’t remember what he had for breakfast, or even what he read in the newspaper 5 minutes ago. But despite all these difficulties, he is still him. Anyone who knows him would recognize him from his laugh, his “sense of humor”, his opinions, his gestures… I don’t know, but even this terrible disease cannot “erase” this inherent “him-ness.”  In a strange way, that is a little bit comforting. I think, that even if he fails to remember who I am one day, he will still be “himself.” My mom calls him that. “Himself.” He is the “Himself” of the family 🙂

We perceive all kinds of things that our eyes can’t see, and it’s more than even just our other senses, I think. How can we perceive moods, or colors, or presences, or songs, or emotions? Our senses gather information, yes, but it is our minds that interpret that information for us. But “mind” is even more than that. I think it is one way to describe that thing that makes us uniquely “us.” That thing that, no matter what happens to our bodies or even to our brains, makes each of us recognizable to ourself and to others. Perhaps that is our “esprit”, n’est-ce pas ?

9 thoughts on “SoCS — L’Esprit

  1. This I found a fabulous post Kelli. I love that final bit about our minds defining us, making us who we are, I so believe that to be true. It is a fascinating concept to consider what makes our minds so different, from life experiences to personal discovery and all that. I am sorry to hear about your dad, it is so very hard to see them fade away as so many do with this disease, but as you say no matter what he will always be ‘himself’ and that’s a lovely thought to hold onto….

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  2. Your quote is exactly what I wrote about this week, as I can’t see really anymore, but I can still see inside my mind.
    It must be diffuclt to see your father like that, but “himself” is exactly right. He will always be him. No disease can take that away completely.

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  3. I know how hard Dementia can be. I worked with people on a dementia unit as a nurse and I have experienced it close to home in my family. It is good when the person can still talk about their past life even when short term memory is gone. I do think there is always a part of the person still inside.

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  4. Parfois l’Esprit est traduit par “Souffle”, alors peut-être que s’il ne reste qu’une seule chose à faire, c’est de partager simplement entre deux personnes l’air que nous avons en commun, au delà des mots et des idées…

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