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Missing Letter Monday – No I, No J, No K, No Fear!!


No Fear !

Huge drops of water

Splash on the porch.

A bunny scampers underneath for shelter.

When the deluge ceases,

And the thunder stops,

A spot of sun appears on the steps, and

She emerges.


One paw,

Two paws,



She dashes across the yard

Where does she go?

She crawls under the fence, and

Glances slyly at the next door.

She edges her way along the fence,

She boldly enters the enclosure.

Only one more hop to get that pretty carrot…


One paw,

Two paws,



All of a sudden,

She freezes, ears alert,

He comes out of the door,

Does he see her?

He storms across the yard,

He shouts and throws a stone at her.

She re-squeezes under my fence, then


Paws, Hop!

Paws, Hop!

Hop! HOp! HOP!


Her heart thumps so fast,

All of her several grams tremble for

A few long moments.

Then, she sees me.

Her nose moves as bunny noses always do.

She ponders me as a threat for a moment but then

She traverses the space between us.


One paw,

Two paws,



She stops.

She turns her head, to see me better,

As she eats my best purple pansy.

**Footnote: I have been behind for two weeks in this challenge, so I decided to do one this week which is missing all three letters in one go, just to make up for the ones I missed 🙂 Thanks for your understanding! 


12 Responses to “Missing Letter Monday – No I, No J, No K, No Fear!!”

      • Sammy D.

        I can’t tell them apart because they multiply … Like … Rabbits!!

        One little bunny would scurry up the downspout every time I’d walk outside. I was afraid he was going to get stuck in there. It reminded me of how toddlers will hide their eyes and think we can’t see them!


  1. Bea dM

    So you enjoy doing things the hard way, huh? very nice poem, the bunny feels real but didn’t you lose your cool about your best purple pansy?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pam

    So super creative and entertaining! We have a bunny in our yard, too. He/she has been snacking on my geraniums. Toby thinks the bunnies are fascinating. Luckily he isn’t fast enough to catch up with them! Have you ever read Watership Down? Have felt that rabbits are tres sympathique ever since!

    Liked by 1 person


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