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Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions
Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions


This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”  — Click and read, click and join in! Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “fly/flies/flew/flu/flue.”  Choose one, use ’em all, it’s up to you. Have fun!


So…I immediately thought of this limerick from a kid’s song:

A flea and a fly in a flue,

Were stuck there, so what could they do?

Said the fly, “Let us flee!”,Said the flea, “Let us fly!”,

So they flew through a flaw in the flue.


And then, I thought of my job, wherein I Fly airplanes on a weekly basis, but it’s Saturday and I don’t want to think about work, so I stopped that.

The main thing I thought of was time. Time really does “fly.”  We spent part of last week at my parents house, celebrating my mother’s 80th birthday. I think she looks wonderful! I can’t believe she is 80. She does Pilates several times a week, she takes care of her house and of my dad, she drives herself around in “Bonnie”, her blue RAV-4, she has “free pie” every week at Village Inn… in short, she is doing very well, despite her stresses in being a caregiver, and her periodic aches and pains, and the fact that her house is beginning to have more and more problems. We went to see the musical “Beauty and the Beast” at the lovely Lions Wilderness Park Amphitheater in my hometown. I’ve seen 3 or 4 productions there and it’s really quite amazing.  There is so much talent in this little town. The venue is really beautiful, too. We had Belle singing on stage and a hummingbird flying overhead at the same time! Fantastique ! 

For the three days before we went to my parents house, we spent some time in the picturesque town of Ouray, Colorado, also known as “America’s Switzerland.” I took a ton of pictures, and have plans to make a post of them so you can see this very special part of my state. We drove there, because it’s very difficult to Fly there since the closest commercial airport is still over an hour away by car.  It was beautiful and full of wildflowers and very green. This has been a particularly wet year here in Colorado, which makes lovely flora, but also, unfortunately, there were a ton of biting flies. And we were bitten. Many times. My husband seemed to attract them more than I did, don’t know why. The place where we stayed is one of our favorites, called the Weisbaden Hotel, and it has the distinction of having its own hot-spring fed pool, and underneath the hotel is an Aveda spa and natural “vapor cave.”  It’s very special to stay there because you can just wander in and out of the pool and the vapor cave as you like, in a spa robe, and there’s a nice courtyard where you can sit in between. I was a little bit sad because the flies were also hanging out by the pool, but overall it wasn’t too bad. We took the “perimeter trail” which takes you about 5 miles all the way around the town itself.  The hike is a little strenuous because it is quite steep in places, but the views are just amazing! Of course, afterwards, we went to the hot springs for a soak.

Anyway, I think I’ll make a post with more about that later. I have “flown” through my SoCS today, and I have another post to do, so I need to fly.  That is, I need to get to it. The other post for today will be something very special so I do hope you’ll take a look at it. I will be featuring my first “Author interview” with a new writer (and fellow blogger) whose first novel will be released (to FLY) very soon! I’m excited about this, and I hope you will be too, chers lecteurs!

À bientôt !







7 thoughts on “SoCS — Fly!

  1. nice sharing of your family time, your mother sounds active and overall well 🙂 and Colorado sounds like great nature …. and a comfortable hotel to get back to is the mostest!

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  2. Colorado sounds wonderful, pity about the flies. Perhaps as a ‘flier’ your self, you could at least look kindly on their vulnerability. They have their difficulties with spiders and birds after all.

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