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Missin’ Letter Monday – Not yet…


The Mad Grad Student has sent forth the call. Click here...

The Mad Grad Student has sent forth the call. Click here…


Sorry this is late! I was out of town, but I still wanted to participate!



image“Hey Tom! You comin’?”

“Hold on. I’m fixin’ ta take this cake outta the oven. Then I’ll be behind ya.”

“You’re cookin’ a cake? I didn’t know you could do that.”

“Sure I can. I took that bakin’ class down at the kitchen store last month. I reckon I can make a better cake than Sara Lee!”

“Ha ha. Sure you can. What made you wanna take a bakin’ class anyway? I’m thinkin’ I’m a little scared to try a ‘Cake by Tom.”

“OH! As if I’d be sharin’ this with you! Today is Helen’s birthday; it’s for her. Now you just hold on out there while I put it on the coolin’ rack. After we’re done workin’ on your fence, I’ll come back in and put on the frostin’.”

“The frostin’?  Holy cow, Tom, you must be head over heels for that Helen. What kinda cake is it? I sure hope she knows what kinda trouble you went to for her.”

“It’s chocolate. With a raspberry fillin’ and a nice whipped cream toppin’. And no, she doesn’t need to know I went and took the class. She can think I’m just a natural baker!”

“Wow, you are one crazy crazy character. You asked her to marry you yet?

“Not yet, but I’m fixin’ ta!”

“Well, I think you could be bakin’ your own weddin’ cake pretty soon! Never mind about the fence, you better start your cake decoratin’ !”

“You’re the best, buddy. Wanna look at the cake when I’m done?”



“Well, there it is! What do you think?”

“Looks tasty, just like the ones down at the supermarket! Um…you have a diamond for her, too?”

“Yep. Put it in a little box. It was just over here…”

“Where? I don’t see it?”


“What? Tom? You look upset.”

“Well…it’s just that before I baked the cake it was there. And now it’s missin’. ”



“What’s that odd shape there in the middle of your cake?”




3 Responses to “Missin’ Letter Monday – Not yet…”

  1. Bea dM

    So that’s how to get people not to pronounce that final g! I just might show this to some of my students of English who tend to speak really hard unattractive g’s! Very nice little story, wonder if you were thinking of the gateau des Rois Mages?

    Liked by 1 person

    • jetgirlcos

      Mmmm. Actually it was just a layer cake I saw on Pinterest 🙂 With your students, just be aware that “fixin’ ta” is a particularly Texan expression…say that anywhere else in the country and they’ll ask what part of Texas you’re from 😉


  2. Le Génie

    encore un tour de passe-passe réussi… plus de lettre G, dommage pour mon surnom !



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