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Missing Letter Monday – Constraints, constraints!


Since beginning this challenge, thanks to one of my amies, I ran across the site of a group of French writers/mathematicians — “Oulipo” —  which means “OUvroir (of) LIttérature POtentielle.” That translates roughly as “workshop of potential literature.” The group has been in existence since 1960. By “Potential literature” they mean that they seek to use new structures and patterns in their writing.  On their site they say that “La Littérature Oulipienne est une LITTERATURE SOUS CONTRAINTES.”  These writers have put constraints on their works, like the “lipogramme”  that is, to write with the omission of one or several letters. (Hmmmm…that seems familiar!) One of them (Georges Perec) wrote an entire novel without the letter “E”. In French. Insane, n’est-ce pas ? There are many many other ways in which they “constrain” their writing, too. It is truly fascinating!  So…this summer I want to try writing more poetry, and in fact there is another site here on WP (Lori at “The Rattling Bones”) with a lot of help in this area. For this week I chose a form that she put on one of her tutorials to further constrain my writing in the spirit of  “Oulipo.” The name of the form actually begins with my “no-use” letter! It’s my first try at this form, in fact I’m still not sure if poet = me, but here we go anyway!




Pursuit Concern

Seeking Wanting Inquiring

Topic Interest Resolution Explanation

Knowing Speaking Teaching

Sure Certain


et…voilà. What say you, chers lecteurs? Success? Semi-success? Comme-ci, comme ça ? Miserable failure? Pas terrible? I can take it 🙂 Tell me in the comments!




7 Responses to “Missing Letter Monday – Constraints, constraints!”

  1. loricarlson66

    Bravo! You did an amazing job with the poem and keeping to the spirit of the Diamante form. I love that you are challenging yourself. It will really increase your growth as a poet 🙂 I look forward to more of your work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Le Génie ne peux que t’encourager à explorer ces formes de poésies ou d’écriture…
    Alors pour cette première fois, ton poème est, dira-t-on un vrai petit Diamant…


    • jetgirlcos

      Merci, G. Un de ces jours je vais essayer un autre poème en français, mais pour moi, écrire en français est assez de contraint ! Pour ça, il faut faire appel au Génie, je crois !



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